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Tips To Make Home Interiors More Beautiful With Led Lights

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Light choices can totally change the ambiance of the room. To bring out the best atmosphere in your room, it is important to understand the lighting requirements and set up the lights accordingly. With changing, technologies and electrical appliances, led lights for rooms have become a new and exciting trend. Not only are they cost-efficient, but they also consume less energy while providing a brighter light.

Here are some tips on how to make home interiors more beautiful with led lights:

Choose a focal point for your Led lights

When it comes to lights, not all fixtures, chandeliers, lamps, or sconces should be of the same size. If they are, your eye will keep searching for visual clarity without focusing on something specific. For large spaces like your dining room or the family room, a chandelier is the best focal point. It is best to set distinctive floor led lights in smaller rooms or use a vintage-sconces as wall art.

Scale your LED lights properly

Since LED lights are more luminescent than bulbs, the lighting should never overpower a room. The scale is an essential factor when choosing the best LED lights for your spaces, and few simple guidelines can help you get things right. The sum of the length and width of the room in feet should be equal to the diameter of the LED light chandelier in inches. 

Get a Lighting control App

Advanced technologies have provided us with facilities that make life easier and innovative. Several led lights come with remote control or app control features that make life very easy. Getting an app not only allows you to control your lights from anywhere but also offers you features like dimmers, party mode, and wake up mode for your lights. These features can help you change the ambiance of your room according to your moods.

Keep away from the Corners

Led Lights for interiors should not be placed at corners. Corner lighting is a waste of light and can be a severe disadvantage when reducing your electricity bills. Maintain a particular gap from the corner to prevent waste of light and create a well-lit atmosphere for your interiors.

Away from Fan Diameter

If your room has a fan centered on the ceiling, ensure that the lights are not on the inside of the running diameter of the blades. It will create a flickering effect for the whole room, which is not only annoying but reduces the usefulness of the lights. Keeping a standard distance from the fan blades is the best way to light your room correctly.

Proper Distribution

Choose many low power led lights instead of one or two high power led lights. Doing this will provide you with well-distributed lighting for the whole room while maintaining your cost efficiency. Using only a few high powered led lights often leaves low lit areas in the room.

Ceiling Height

With higher ceilings, you need higher power for your lights. Low power lights will reduce the illumination in the room.

While these are generalized tips for your room lightings, here are some of the more specific things you can do to various rooms to make them look unique. These tips will help enhance your interior decorations and add a vibrant feel to your rooms.

Drawing Room

The drawing room is the most used space in the house. From people gathering to you hanging out on your own on the couch, it is the second most comfortable place in the house. You should use LED lights in this room to create an ambient and light environment. You could also consider dimmable lights in the area to eliminate any glares or strong shadows.


When decorating your kitchen with led lights, it is essential to use wide-angle lights to properly illuminate the interiors to view cleanliness and make cooking easy. Platforms and sinks should have more lighting. You can also use under cabinet lighting and kitchen island highlighting with narrow beams of LED strips.


Dining rooms require ambient LED lights that focus mostly on the table. Like we talked about a chandelier with a focus on specific areas. These types of lights make the dining space look more beautiful. One important factor to consider when hanging a chandelier over the dining table is the height, and it should be optimal.


Bedrooms do not need hefty lightings. For proper bedroom décor, you should have specific lights positioned to highlight photo frames or art pieces. For an ambient environment, bedrooms can be fitted with reading lights and floor lights. Using cool-light shades in the bedroom ensures reduced eye-strains during reading and helps you sleep.


Bathrooms need to be fitted with more light just for the sake of cleaning. Modern bathrooms are costlier than bedrooms, so proper lighting is very important to illuminate the beauty. Lights on the top or both sides of the mirrors can be an excellent way to decorate bathrooms properly.

Entries and Staircases

Adequate lighting can make home entries more welcoming and beautiful. Surface mount lights can reduce the cost of false ceilings while providing a medium-light for the perfect welcoming ambiance to your home.

LED Colour Temperature

Choosing the color temperature for your LED lights is a personal preference, but some facts will help you understand and choose better.

Warm whites give lower lighting efficiency than cool whites. High CRI comes in warm and neutral white, while it is very rare in cool white lights.

Cool White

Cool lights give more light, so they are best fitted for tasks like reading, office works, or manufacturing. This type of lighting should be used when color rendering is not so important. This light is best suited for bedroom nightstands.

Neutral White

Neutral white is the closest to natural sunlight. This type of light is an ideal choice when color rendering is an issue for your work. This light is best suited for bathrooms and kitchen lights.

Warm White

Warm lights are for leisure. While providing a relaxing feeling, warm whites are the best white light when color rendering is essential. Warm lights are best suited for drawing rooms where you can highlight the room décor properly.

We hope the above information gave you some great tips to make home interiors more beautiful with led lights. If you want to decorate your home interior with amazing Led lights, prefer Eleczo.com one-stop solution for all your electrical needs.

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