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Why You Need to Opt for LED Light Bulbs

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It revolutionises lighting by taking place in all rooms of the house, from floor to ceiling, and outdoors where they offer innovative lighting solutions. So, whether it is to light a home, an industrial or tertiary building, we choose without hesitation LED bulbs, which only have led benefits!

What is unique about LED light bulbs?

We choose LEDs to achieve real savings

Compared to conventional bulbs (incandescent, compact fluorescent, and halogen), led light bulbs consume between 60 and 90% less electricity. For example, replacing 5 traditional bulbs with 5 LED bulbs can save around 50 euros per year. Therefore, we think of LED re-lamping by taking a few minutes to replace all of its old bulbs with LED’s.

We choose LED bulbs to be quiet for a long time

With their incomparable lifespan, the best led lights are ultimately very profitable. While traditional bulbs can operate between 1,000 and 2,000 hours, LEDs reach up to 50,000 hours of operation, which is almost 25 years! Another advantage is that LED bulbs do not degrade under the repeated effect of switching on and off and reach 100% of their efficiency as soon as they are switched on. In the led light buying guide, you can have the best deals now.

Why Is LED Lighting Better?

When the time comes to change a light bulb, there are many choices available to you. This article details the benefits of the latest addition to the world of energy-saving light bulbs: the led light bulbs.

Longer Lifetime

An LED lights have a very long lifespan; this duration is between 10,000 and 50,000 hours or 4 to 20 years for daily use of 7 hours all year round.


LED light bulbs consume much less than conventional bulbs. Your consumption will reduce so that you will save on your electricity bill!

Choice of shade and color temperature

Depending on its composition, an LED can produce a wide variety of colors, and it is also possible to modulate the bulb’s color temperature.

Immediate ignition

An LED emits 100% of its brightness in 0.5 seconds. The lighting is therefore instantaneous and will save you all the wait, unlike compact fluorescent bulbs.

No risk of burns

One of the most critical points of LED technology is that the bulb hardly gives off the heat, so there is no risk of burns even during installation.

Decorative asset

The LED bulb is a perfect asset for decorating or enhancing specific spaces, mostly thanks to the various colors possible.

Why Are Led Lights Better For the Environment?


Still, need to know why choose led lights? LED lighting continues to attract more and more users attentive to the benefits of low-consumption LED bulbs on their health but also on the environment. Indeed, compared to incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs are a much more comfortable, reliable, safe, and ecological solution.

The light produced by LED lighting is less damaging to the eyes than conventional lighting. Also, LED bulbs do not cover any product which has health hazards. The light bulb breakage is, therefore, not at all dramatic. As the LED bulbs heat up relatively little, they don’t cause burns. Here are some of the advantages of led bulb also.

Eye comfort

It can also be installed as interior lighting as a replacement for incandescent or halogen lighting.

Absence of toxic products

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury. Also, in case of breakage and contact, they can be dangerous for the user’s health. They require great care to be taken when handling them.

On the other hand, all LED bulbs contain an electronic circuit, so they must be recycled as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), unlike incandescent bulbs that could be thrown without significant ecological risk in traditional trash.

After reading this article you might have got insights of how LED lights are useful and good for the home and environment. What are you waiting for? install LED lights in your home now and start saving your money. For purchasing LED Bulbs Online check at Eleczo.com – Online Electrical Store in India.

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