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Electrical Switches Required for a New Home – 2 BHK & 3 BHK

Electrical Insights

Electrical designs and the best electrical switches for house is always an intricate process that needs experts’ hands to install the electrical system. Before installing the best electrical switches for a house like 2BHK/3BHK flat, an engineer gathers all the essential components first. The path or way of electrical design depends on room utilization, home décor, use of electrical appliances, and various residential details. It cannot be a universal approach.

Electricity requires a path to flow, and there are various conducting materials. There are also different semiconducting materials used to reduce the voltage and also control the electrical flow. Among all the essential wiring accessories, the choice of the best electrical switches for the house plays a crucial role. You need to use the best modular switches to ensure the safety and smooth functioning of electrical appliances.

In this blog, you will get detailed information on the best electrical switches for house

A switch is used to control the electrical supplies. Therefore it can make or break the electrical circuit. If you are buying a new house or planning to renovate the old one, you will find redesigning the electrical circuits can offer you great privileges. While purchasing a new house gives you an opportunity to choose the best electrical switches for home, for a reselling property, you’ll not have an equal privilege. There are various types of electrical switches you can choose from.

Best Electrical Switches for House

Take a look at the cheap and best electrical switches for house wiring:

  • Surface switches
  • Flush switch
  • Ceiling switch
  • Pull switch
  • Push-button switch
  • Bed switch

Surface switch

Surface Switch is mounted on a wooden board fixed on the surface of the wall. There are three types of surface switches:

One-way switch: this switch is used for controlling the single circuit and lamp

Two-way switch: it is generally used to divert the electrical flow to either of two directions. This two-way switch can also be used for controlling lamps from various places like staircase wiring.

Intermediate switch: this type of switch I used to control the lamp from two locations.

Flush switch

A flush switch is used to decorate the exterior of the electrical wiring.

Bed switch

A bed switch is often used for the convenience of the users. It is typically used to switch on or off the light from any place, other than controlling the light from the mainboard. The switch is connected through a flexible wire.

Bed Switch

House Wiring Regulations 13 A Socket-Outlets

  • House building regulations presently require socket-outlet, wall switches, and other relevant accessories to be sited in a residential room at proper heights between 450 and 1200 mm from the floor level.
  • A socket-outlet with rated current not extending 20A that is used by general people’s equipment for outdoor should be provided with surplus protection by means of at least 30mA ACD.
  • No 230V sockets, except shaver socket, merged with BS EN 61558-2 are acceptable in bathrooms and shower room.
  • 230V socket-outlet should be located at least 3m outside the boundary of zone 1 and provided with a 30mA RCD guard.
Electrical Wall Switch


  • To negate any type of hazards from electrical wire, there must be more than one lighting circuit.
  • The electrical equipment like modern electrical switches for home should be suitable for an apt zone where it is installed.
  • A careful study of BS 7671, section 701 is recommended.

A minimum number of switches and sockets need to be installed for your houses. 

Best Electrical Switches for House 

  • Materials for switchboards and electrical sockets have to be fire resistant (Flame retardant Switches) with a fire rating of 2-3 hours.
  • Whether it’s a new installation or a modification of electric switches for home, there are major changes like the addition or removal of the switchboard. It should focus on the feasibility at an early date.
  • The method of installation should be carried out by a certified contractor with a valid permit.

General guidelines for placement of cheap and best electrical switches:

As per the opinion of the electrical engineer, there is a need to have a sufficient number of switches and sockets as per the method of application. If these factors are not maintained properly, it can lead to disaster. Therefore, for avoiding unwanted circumstances, you must follow the general guidelines: 

  • Electrical appliances that use electricity up to 15A should be provided with the own fuse with an appropriate backup fuse or miniature circuit breaker. 
  • The particular that controls the socket-outlet must be on the live side of the line. 
  • For earthing, the socket must be of 3 pins with the third terminal directly connected to the earth wire. 
  • Earthing wire should be insulated in a proper manner so that there is no leakage of electricity; otherwise, it might lead to severe damage. 
  • In wiring installation, a metal-clad switch, the best non-modular switch, socket-outlet, and plugs must be used for power wiring. 
  • Controlling of the ceiling fan must be through be operated through its own regulator and switchboard as well. 
  • Switchboards for outdoor lamps and balcony lamps should be provided differently. 
  • A switch must be provided to control every light fixture or a group of the light fitting fixture.

To conclude 

When the safety of your house is concerned, it is ideal for sitting with electrical engineers to take the major decision of house wiring. They can guide you to take up more intricate choices to select the best electrical switches and sockets for your flat.

Electrical Switches which are required for a new home will be always a time-consuming process, so to reduce the effort of choosing which electrical switch brands will give sturdy and best designs with better clicks, we at Eleczo.com sorted out the Top 9 Electrical switch brands in India for your better idea for picking best electrical switches for home.

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