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Top 10 Best Digital Multimeters in India 2024

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Digital multimeters are mainly used for testing various electronic instruments. A multimeter, also known as volt-ohm-milliammeter, is an electronic instrument that conducts many measurement functions in one unit. We often use multimeters to measure current, voltage, and resistance. Best digital multimeter provides accurate reading even in small voltages.

There are two kinds of multimeters, Analog multimeters, and Digital multimeters.

Analog multimeters

The Analog multimeters, which are commonly referred to as test meters, are instruments that use moving coil meters or microammeters with moving pointers. These particular meters were increasingly used in laboratories before the period of 1970s and 1990s. The Analog test meter contains a single meter and movement and parallel resistors that also provide correct ranges.

A large rotary switch which is placed in the center of the front panel below the meter is used to select the required range. The analog meters are very cheap, and these are available and are still used by many people.

One of the best analog multimeter in India is Mextech YX 360TR Analogue Multimeter. On the downside, the analog multimeters mainly give less accurate readings. It doesn’t have an auto-polarity function. Hence it becomes necessary to connect the test leads appropriately.

Typical Analog meter has the following ranges.

Reinsurance: R, 100 R, 10,000R DC-voltage: 2.5V, 10V, 25V, 100V, 250V, 1000V AC voltage.: 10V, 25V,100V, 250V,1000V.

Digital Multimeters

The accuracy, durability, and other extra features make the digital multimeters a useful instrument. The integration of circuit technology and other technologies has made it possible to supersede analog multimeters.

A basic digital multimeter has a display, switch, and connections which are required for the test probes. Most of the best digital multimeters have four digits, the first of which could usually be a 0 or 1; there will be negative and positive (+/- ) indication. Few important indicators are depending on the model of DDM.

The primary connections include the common one, Volts, Ohms, frequency (this connection is used for most of the measurements). Amps and milliamps, this particular connection is used for the present measurements. The resolution of DMM is indicated via the number of digits; they are excellent test instruments that work effectively.

The speed at which the measurements are taken is fast-paced and without any hassle, although it is recommended to give the DMM a little time to settle.

How to choose the best digital multimeter brands

Here are few factors to concern while purchasing digital multimeter online:-

A multimeter device with a high resolution ensures that you will get accurate results, hence checking the resolution. The measuring capacity of multimeters is also an important factor; it is beneficial to have a larger voltage and resistance range of an instrument. You can use it for multiple purposes and several other measurements.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best selling multimeters in India.

HTC Instrument Mas 830 L Digital Pocket Multimeter

HTC provides one of the most affordable multimeters; Mas 830 L Digital Pocket Multimeter is a handheld digital multimeter that can be used to measure DC and AC Voltage, diode, resistance, and battery-operated transistor. It features a polarity display for negative polarity. There is a low voltage indication on display, facilitated by the display backlight. Fuse configuration F1: F250mA or 250V,F2: F 10A or 250V. It also indicates a low battery.

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter (6000 counts)

It is designed to avail measurements for commercial or residential electricians, heating, and air conditioner technicians. Fluke’s digital multimeter is small in size, which makes it portable and fit to carry it in your hand. It is durable for daily usage in the following years after your first purchase of the multimeter. It provides an essential dc accuracy of 0.5 percent, CAT III 600 V safety rated. It has a diode and a continuity test with buzzer specifications. There are also additional facilities to shut down automatically, and the battery is easy to replace.

Meco 101B+ Autoranging Digital Multimeter 4 to 750V

Meco came out with this quality product, which offers 3 to ¾ digit LCD with backlight, the Ac voltage ranges from 4 to 750V. DC voltage ranges from 400 mv to 1000v and a frequency range of 99.99Hz to 20 MHz. The price of this instrument is 1,861 rupees.

Mextech DT-603 Digital Multimeter

The Mumbai-based company Mextech launched this DMM which provides Transistor HFE ranging from 0 to 1000. It has a low battery indicator, along with a diode and Continuity test. The multimeter has AC/DC voltage, AC/DC Current, Capacitance, Frequency, Resistance.

Generic Dt 830d Small Digital Multimeter

This small multimeter is perfect for carrying out the day to day electrical work. This instrument is used to measure voltage and necessary continuity checks, test resistance. It is affordable and reliable, recommended for those who are just starting in the electronic/electric field.

EEE-Tech Mas-830L Digital Multimeter

This EEE-tech best digital multimeter is of high quality that is pocket-sized and can test DC/VC voltage, resistance, and DC current. It is supported by transistor check, diode, continuity test, and display backlight. It is priced at just 600 rupees.

Beetech H 901 Digital Multimeter

This Beetech Digital Multimeter comes with a 3.½ display, with a maximum AC voltage of 750 V. It has a maximum DC voltage of 1000V. It protects from being overloaded, consumes less power. The low battery indicator is also present, along with auto/manual on and off options. Check out the best beetech digital multimeter price at Eleczo for the best price.

Freshdkart DT-266 Ac Dc Digital Clamp Multimeter

This digital clamp multimeter is a value for money instrument well-equipped to measure Ac current up to 750 V, Ac/Dc voltage up to 1000 V. It is lightweight and sturdy enough to be used for many years to come. They are often counted among the top 10 multimeters in India online.

MetroQ MTQ 111 Digital Multimeter

This small-sized digital multimeter comes with a 3 1/2 LCD type display, A/c voltage capacity of 500V, and D/c voltage capacity of 500V, respectively. Being mini size, it is very light hence can be carried easily. The backlight function and overload protection make it function smoothly.

Uni-T Ut-33D Digital Multimeter

The innovative design of this digital multimeter from Uni-T serves to ensure that the users can work in a CAT II 600V environment safely. The clear LCD display provides the best user-friendly interface. The D/c voltage capacity is 200mV/2V/20V/200V/600V, while Ac voltage capacity is 200V/600V. The highlights of the instruments are the capacitance test which is (UT33A+), battery test (UT33B+), and the temperature measurement function (UT33C).


As per the above article, we have listed out the best top 10 best digital multimeter product which is most efficient along with its key features. These multimeters can be used for professional and also for home. Hence, if you come across any kind of queries of the above-mentioned article, you can drop your comments below. We will help you to opt for the best one.

Best Measuring tools like digital multimeter, digital clamp meter, IR thermometer, and capacitance meter is quite high when it comes to the industrial field. Using the best measurement tools guarantees the perfect execution of services.

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