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Top 9 Electrical Switch Brands in India-2024

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Presumably a significant number, no one would have imagined that this fundamental necessity could turn into an announcement bit of stylistic theme. Thinking about the inclining insides, individuals lean toward moderation well beyond common sense. The business sectors today have gobs of electrical switches which highlight extraordinary structuring, however, it’s significant for changes to be down to business. Here you get a good collection with a good quality guarantee.

Anchor Electric Switch

Anchor Switches

Anchor electric switches have been serving electrical products since 1963 and it has spread nationwide. Anchor deals with products like switches, wiring devices, lighting products, power tools, and switchgear devices. In anchor modular switches they had launched new series of switches like Roma classic, rider, woods, roma plus, etc. Anchor Roma Switch is the largest selling modular switches! Roma switches arrive in an assortment of ranges as far as hues, surfaces, and completes for its plates and it mixes practically with any home stylistic theme In INDIA.

  • Investigate the Roma item run!
  • Series Motivation
  • Thin and Sleek plan
  • Overly Glossy Finish
  • Additional Safety
  • Technology

GM Modular Switch

GM switches online are strong form quality plastic and high evaluation quality back to front. You can set aside 50% of your cash and can rather spend it on some different things.

gm switches
Gm Modular Switches

Type Switch – Decide what is your prerequisite. On the off chance that you are wanting to change your home stylistic layout, at that point select the best electrical switches online. On the off chance that you like conventional switches, at that point go for now secluded switches.

Havells Switch

havells switch

Originating from a brand like Havells, Fabio has a fantastic beginning. It is imbued with helpful highlights which make it stand separated from its different partners. The Fabio offers simple front stacking and expulsion; these delicate activity switches scarcely make any solid while turning on and off. What’s more, the best part is mounting which gives you the decision of both even and vertical. In case you’re tight on space, the havells switches come as a blessing.

Legrand Switch

Legrand Electrical Switches Online

Legrand Switches are present in 27 nations. Follows the way of thinking of Listen, Design, Make, Support. Legrand electrical switches are second in India and attachments and first scale.

Wipro Switch

wipro switch

Wipro northwest electrical switches are the most trusted brand in India. Wipro electrical products are built with great quality and design which are suitable for home, industries, and office purposes. Wipro north-west switches enhance the beauty of your interiors. Wipro switches are with reflexive completion for included rich intrigue. These switches display radium markers for permeability around evening time, defensive sparkle shield for included security, they are most lodging.

Schneider Electric Switch

Schneider Electric Switches

It creates innovation and arrangements that make vitality sheltered, profitable, solid, effective, green. Schneider electric switches offer light switches that suit all interiors and exteriors. These switches are suitable for the latest interior designs. In Schneider electric brand there are various types of electric switches like Livia, Neo, opale, and ZENcelo. These different types of switches are stylish and classy where it is suitable for every home interior.

Finolex Switch

finolex switch

Today, people care! When we select electrical switches for homes or offices we need to ensure that we pick the ones that not only guard us from any electrical hazards or fire peril, yet additionally add to the excellent design of the house. You ought to go for the companies that comprise both of these components. Finolex is a well-known company which produces switches that keeps in mind the above point.

Crabtree Switch

Crabtree switches are perfect for comfort, safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. It is loaded with shallow and synthetics, anything natural represents itself with belief from all over the world.

crabtree switch

Most likely, that is the reason “organic” businesses are thriving nowadays. Not simply foods grown from the ground, people are additionally making a conscious decision of opting crude textures with natural colors for their clothing. You would concur that nature is constantly excellent, regardless of whether it’s about style or medical advantages. Anything inspired by nature gives a feeling of well-being, strength, and groundedness, making it closer to your heart. Moreover, Amare – an exceptional range of measured switches by crabtree switches can interminably include the elements of nature in your home.

Larsen & Toubro

L&T Switches

Not a lot of people know that L&T makes electrical switches and they make it great. Their quality represents itself with the trust they provide. Larsen & Toubro has many varieties of switches such as modular touch switches, one-way modular switches, remote control switches, switch plates, two-way modular switches, and so on. L&T Electrical has crafted to fulfill all consumer needs for their residential homes, commercial buildings. Also, the designs are so appealing and elegant.


  • Solid
  • Safe
  • Twofold rocker mechanism for shielding of sparkle in switch.
  • Dependable
  • screw terminal in switches and attachments for ease in installation.
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple to work attachments shade mechanism for 2 pins plugs.
  • Simple Install
  • Tunnel terminals in attachments help in preventing short out during wiring installation.
  • SAFE Install
  • Insert wires for all attachments helps quick and reliable installation.

Select the best electrical switches for home that reflects the beauty, elegance, and richness. Whichever brand you choose, make sure that it’s convenient and safe to use at your fingertips. The above-mentioned list is top brands with predominant quality modular switches. The style and built quality will suit any kind of buildings or commercial purposes. For more details and best offers you can reach us at www.eleczo.com or support@eleczo.com

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