Top 10 Factors to consider while buying Wires and cables

Dec 2020
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While buy Best Wires and Cables online,The electrical installation is an element of construction that requires attention and care in the planning and execution of the project to ensure the safety and efficiency of the network. When purchasing the electrical materials that will compose this system, it is necessary to consider several factors. In addition to the budget, the quality of the electrical material must be prioritised. To facilitate your purchase of best wires and cables online, we have listed some tips below: 


Buy Best Wires and Cables online

  1. Types of wires / Which is the best cable for house wiring?

With the project in hand, it’s time to buy the electrical installation components. At this time, the most important thing is not the price, but the quality of the material, an indispensable factor to guarantee the safety and performance of the network.

For example, when buy best wires and cables online, check that the conduction capacity, thickness, and insulation are adequate. Avoid buying unbound cables, which, although cheaper, have less copper than ordinary cables, compromising these conductors’ ability. In practice, the use of inappropriate items can cause damage and accidents, such as short circuits, fires, and damage to electrical appliances.

  1. Best Wires and Cables Online Application

On the product packaging, or even on the wire itself, it is common for manufacturers to stamp the seal (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization, and Industrial Quality) and standardization according to the guidelines of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).

Do not buy products where these two stamps are not visible. They indicate that the manufacturer is responsible and committed to the safety and quality of its products. As per the price is concerned, you can make use of the wires and cables price list.

  1. Protection: Shielded speaker cables

What is the shielding of a speaker power cable for? Is it really needed? Probably yes. Indeed, the best speaker polycab wires and cables are always shielded. The improvements made by the shielding were very easy to hear, but something in the reproduction systems seemed not to be “right,” there was still an annoying doubt.

  1. Seek help from a professional

Before purchasing electrical equipment, it is necessary to have a project prepared and executed by qualified professionals with training and experience in the service. This organization must consider factors such as the number and type of outlets according to the intended use of the space, lighting, energy consumption, and safety issues, such as protection and grounding devices. From this planning, it is possible to determine the quantity and type of electrical materials that must be purchased. The RR Kabel wires and cables are perfect options here.

  1. Look for a reliable best Wires and Cables online Brand: Manufactures

The choice of suppliers of electrical wires and cables is also important! It is necessary to look for a store that offers materials with certification and follows the materials’ stock and transport recommendations, ensuring that the material is not damaged. The right supplier must also guarantee a fair budget and fast delivery, respecting the deadlines of your project. The brands, such as Havells, Polycab, RR Kabel, finolex, and Kei, is essential. For the single-core cables also this is important.


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  1. Quality of the material: How important is a good buy?

 As best wires and cables online, which are not visible elements in your home, it isn’t easy to understand each one’s difference and functionality. Also, the variety of cables and wires on sale is immense.

By making a good purchase, you will be avoiding problems in the future. They are power outages,  short circuits, or fires, in cases where the energy that passes through the conductors is more significant than they can handle.

  1. Temperature: Solid Yarn

Usually made of 750V copper and PVC, it is commonly applied to electrical panels, sockets, showers in simpler residential or industrial installations, as long as wire flexibility is not required. It depends on the temperature of the cable.

The main feature of this cable is little flexibility. Therefore, it should not be bent many times during installation, as there is a high chance that the material will be tired and the wire will break, causing the interruption of the electric current. As you buy polycab cables online, you can have the best choices here.

Conductor Size and MaterialInsulation MaterialOperating Maximum Temperature
120 sq-mm Copper conductorPVC Insulation70oC
120 sq-mm Aluminium conductorPVC Insulation70oC
120 sq-mm Copper conductorPVC Insulation85oC
120 sq-mm Aluminium conductorPVC Insulation85oC

  1. Flexibility

Like solid wire, flexible cable and rigid cable are made of copper and PVC; they are commonly used in both residential and industrial installations. For this reason, its energy conduction capacities and indications for use are the same as the solid wire, differing only in its flexibility.

They can be found on the market in two insulation levels, the most common being 750V, and with thicker layers of insulation, reaching up to 1000V. In this case, you can buy finolex wires online also.

Flexible cables are easier to install and handle. Because of their flexibility, they slide in the conduits, making any necessary piping curves. Therefore, this malleability characteristic, together with its numerous fine threads, makes them perfect for industrial and machine applications.

  1. Polypropylene (PP) Insulation Material for Wire and Cable

These cables are commonly used in home appliance connections, such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, or even in the automotive market because they have great flexibility. They are even formed by conductors of copper wires and multicore cables.

Although their manufacture is similar to that of flexible cables, the difference is that two or more cables usually form them. They have two PVC layers, one inside the other, and may have two or more internal tips to make the connection. So they are very resistant and safe.

  1. Parallel cables

Parallel cables are recommended for small portable devices or lighting objects, such as lamps and lamps. They are made of copper wires and are therefore considered flexible.

Also, be aware of the necessary footage that the project requires. Why not err in the size of the wire or cable length, and in the colors of the types of cables and electrical cables is essential.

Which wire is better finolex or havells?

Today, many electronic devices are of good or excellent quality. A system worth perhaps a thousand euros, if wired correctly, can probably sound better than one or even 5 or 10 thousand. Details make all the difference, and one major oversight can frustrate a lot of effort and investment. Think of a 100 horsepower car with the right petrol and a well-adjusted timing belt, and this is your system with the right cables. 

If you are constructing a new house, and checking out to buy best wires and cables online, you can prefer, which is one of the best place in online to buy electrical wires with best discounts.

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