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Top 10 Electrical Products Supplier in India – 2024

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Introduction – Top 10 Electrical Companies in India / Best of Electrical Companies list/ Top 10 Electrical Products suppliers

Electrical products and companies play a significant part in global development. There are a good number of electrical companies in India operating for a really long time. They have a good reputation for offering the best electrical products and services. There are top 10 electrical products suppliers in India, who are all primarily in the manufacturing and sales level of products such as switch gears, control gears, wiring devices and many other best of electrical and electronics products. Here is the list of top 10 electrical products suppliers in India.


1988 is the foundation year of ABB India Ltd. It has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company primarily has its business in power, automation technology, and heavy electrical equipment. Among the top 10 electrical companies in India, it has the best place. In the field of electricity grids, ABB happens to be a leading builder. In a great many sectors the company is active now among the best of electricals company in India.


1958 is the foundation year of Havells India. In Noida, India, the company has its headquarters. Be it domestic wiring or water heaters, LED lighting or circuit protection, or even induction motors, Havells has a great variety. Several prestigious brands, such as Crabtree, Lloyd, Standard Electric, and Promptech, are owned by Havells. There are four segments this company works on, lighting and fixtures, Switchgears, Cables, and Electrical Consumer Durables. Among the top 10 electrical companies in India, this is the perfect one.


Legrand India happens to be a leader in the best of electricals protection business. The company also has a robust global presence. In India, they have been working on electrical wiring products, home automation gadgets, door phones, cable management systems, and many more items. For a wide variety of sectors, including the domestic, commercial, medical, and industrial areas, Legrand comes up with their products.


In the last few decades, Anchor Electricals, now known as Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., has captured the popularity of almost every individual in the country. In the manufacturing fields of wire and cable manufacturers, the company has an excellent level of service. Their products have reached high demand, making the company climb up among India’s top electrical companies. In the wholesale electrical supply, this company is the best choice.


Top 10 Electrical Products suppliers In India



When talking about Top 10 Electrical Products Suppliers, Eleczo comes first with its wide variety of electrical products. Be it the domestic sector or the commercial and industrial sector, Eleczo has its great variety of products designed for long term use. Especially when it comes to switches, distribution boards, and circuit breakers, this company is the best solution.


Among the best electrical products for commercial use, Moglix has acquired a great deal of popularity. Be it the electrical products for medical use, safety, PPE supplies or industrial equipment, office electrical products, and the company’s services to all.


Larsen & Toubro Limited is commonly known as L&T. It happens to be Indian engineering, technology, financial, and manufacturing, as well as a construction company having a strong base in electrical supplies. The company has its headquarter in Maharashtra. Founded by two Danish engineers, the company has expanded over time.


1878 is the foundation year for Crompton Graves. The Mumbai-based company has its engagement in manufacturing, design, marketing of power generation products, distribution, and transmission. Having its global presence in 9 countries, the company among the online electrical wholesalers has established a long-lasting reputation for its electrical products.


After its inception in the year 1938 in the hands of Kamalnayan Bajaj, the company flourished with a wide array of electrical appliances. All of the products, home Fans, & Engineering, Appliances, and Products, all of them are of the best quality. Mumbai and Maharashtra have their headquarters, having its subsidiary Starlite Lighting as a significant extension. In the fields of lighting, consumer durables, engineering, and projects, bajaj excels most of the companies in India.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric happens to be a French multinational company offering automation and energy products for sustainability and efficiency. For every kind of sector, the company provides a great deal of electrical products. Among the top 10 electrical companies in India, this company has its place too.


The 62 years old company has a high reputation for its manufacturing of CFL, electrical switches, electrical and communication cables, etc. However, the different types of wires are the primary products of Finolex cables were listed below,

  • PVC insulated electrical cables
  • PVC winding wires
  • Flameguard-FRLS cables
  • Jelly filled telephone cables
  • CFL
  • Electrical switches
  • PVC foam sheets
  • PVC single-core flexible cables
  • Auto and battery cables
  • PVC corrugated sheets
  • 3 core flat cables
  • CATV (trunk coaxial cables)
  • Structured cabling system etc

Here are the ten options waiting for you along with Eleczo, the best of the lot. Now all you will have to do is choose according to your budget and requirement and go for it!


Siemens was founded in the year 1847, Situated in Munich, Germany. Siemens is one of the Top 10 electrical companies in India. Siemens is well  renowned in India for power generation technology, Industrial and building automation, medical and Health Services. They were also offering Industry/Marketing Specific solutions with wide range of electrical Products.

Here is the list of best selling electrical products from Siemens:

  1. Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (Sentron 3VL,Sentron 3VT, Sentron 3VA)
  2. Moulded Circuit Breakers (Betagard, Minigard)
  3. Air Circuit Breakers (Sentron 3WL,3WT)
  4. RCCB ( Betagard 5SM3)

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