5 facts of led lights & bulbs

5 Best Unique Factors of LED Lights and Lamps

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What are LED Lights?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is essentially an electrical component consisting of two electrodes- an anode and a cathode. Electricity flows in one direction, from the anode to the cathode. When compared to normal incandescent lights, LEDs have been proved to be far more efficient, which is why LED light distributors have been undergoing huge profits.

Let Us know 5 best unique factors of led lights and lamps.

Perhaps the biggest difference behind the two is the power consumption. Incandescent lights are very inefficient; they convert a huge amount of energy to produce negligible light. LEDs waste very little energy in the form of infrared radiations and are able to emit light directionally.

They also have a very long lifespan in comparison to incandescent lights, lasting up to a 100,000 more hours. They are also very easy to maintain, whilst providing a very high quality of light. These are enough reasons why you should buy LED bulbs online to jump on to the bandwagon.

5 Best Unique Factors of Led lights and Lamps

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions(one of the 5 best unique factors of led lights and lamps):

Since less power and energy is required to keep these bulbs lit up, we have observed a stark decrease in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions since LED lights overtook other forms of lighting in the market.

It is further believed that if every single Indian switched to an energy star LED, they could possible save emissions from nearly seven lakh cars. Thus, go ahead and buy LED panel lights so as to contribute towards this change!

Absence of Mercury


Older forms of lighting used to contain traces of the highly toxic mercury, which could lead to various forms of pollution arising out of improper disposal. This eventually led to mercury build-up, especially in groundwater, having severe impacts on the health of environment and people.

Another striking feature of LED lights is the fact that they do not contain mercury. This aspect, coupled with the one mentioned above, ascertain the fact that these lights have very little environmental impact in comparison to other lights. Additionally, their already existent edge over CFL bulbs is steadily growing, confirming an overall improvement over the passage of time.

Focused Lighting(one of the 5 best unique factors of led lights and lamps)

Whereas traditional forms of lighting like incandescent and CFL lights emit light all around them, LEDs have the option of being either omnidirectional or focused, depending on its type and its use. They are capable of directing light wherever necessary, contributing to its efficiency. LED strip lights are an ideal way to put feature to use.

Instant Light-Up

LED lights have the ability of lighting up immediately when turned on, and maintaining its brilliance for a long period of time. This is unlike other lights, CFL for instance, which tend to become dimmer over time.

LEDs Remain Cool

Unlike incandescent or compact fluorescent lights which heat up and might cause burn injuries, LED lights do not emit heat at all. The heat is present at the back of the bulb, so it is absolutely safe to touch the bulb when in use.

The above are the 5 best unique factors of Led lights and lamps which gives complete picture on Led lights.

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Thus, after reading these five amazing facts, I’m sure it’s time to go online shopping and get yourself a set of LED lights, buy LED downlights and so on, incorporating this energy and cost efficient lighting system into your daily life!

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