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Why Choose Eleczo for B2B Electrical Products?

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When we talk about best electrical online store, the two elements that naturally come to mind are the branch MCB and the differential switch. But it also happens that we speak of differential MCB (“diff MCB” or “electrical differential”), and this term is also often misused. Presently Eleczo is the best option in this case because of the high quality of MCB and the best price. If it comes to the perfect B2B products, then it is for sure that you will have the best choices with Eleczo.

Eleczo – The Best Electrical Online Store

So we decided to give you all the information that will allow you to Understand what an electrical differential MCB is.

Reasons to choose Eleczo – The best electrical online store for B2b products.

1. Why and when to use it in the electrical panel?
2. How to choose it?
3. How to connect and plug in an electric differential MCB?

What is a differential MCB:
Protection of property:
The magneto-thermal MCB provides it (we also speak of a divisional MCB, fuse holder, MCB but also “electric lead”).
Whatever its name, this material is dedicated to protecting material goods in the home. These are lighting and elements plugged into the sockets, household appliances (hob oven, washing machine, etc.).

The MCB, therefore, ensures monitoring of two phenomena, which are the electrical short-circuit and the overload of electrical current. Eleczo stands as the best option when it comes to mcb online shopping now.

Differential MCB definition
Protection of people:
This is the most critical protection at the TGBT level (which stands for General Low Voltage Table).

It helps protect people against the risk of electric current leakage (which can cause significant damage when it passes through the human body). I explain this information in particular in my guide “Electricity: Understand before you start.”

This protection is provided by the differential switch (also called Inter Diff, or ID), which permanently measures the current difference between phase and neutral.

Coupled with the earthing circuit, the differential switch is essential to ensure people’s safety about electricity. From the best online electrical stores such as Eleczo, you can find the perfect solutions now.

Differential MCB
Example of Hager differential switch
Role and definition of the differential MCB:
Therefore, the differential MCB combines the two functions of protection of material goods and physical persons’ protection.

It performs the role of the differential switch coupled with that of the divisional MCB:
Differential MCB = Divisional MCB + Differential MCB.
You would have understood it:
The magneto-thermal system will take care of protecting against overloads and short circuits (protection of goods).
The differential system against current leaks (protection of persons).
Difference between an electric differential MCB and a differential switch:
To be careful with the use of technical terms:
Because in many cases and many videos, the term GFCI is misused.

A significant price difference:
This is one of the apparent differences between an “inter diff” and an earth leakage MCB: the price.
Why use it rather than a differential switch:
So if the price is such a deterrent, why use an electrical GFCI?
Mainly used in the tertiary sector:
Differential MCBs are rarely used in domestic electrical installation, but rather in the tertiary and industrial sectors. Go for the Best electrical online store to get the right choices.
Here is the reason:
In the offices, the circuits are grouped according to logic close to what you may know for the house.

But there is an additional constraint to the domestic; it is productivity.

A faulty electrical circuit must not interfere with all or part of the electrical installation.

Hope you got fair idea about Eleczo & reason to Buy B2B electrical products online as well. Please do visit our best electrical online store & purchase quality electrical products at the reasonable price.

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