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Best Modular Switches Popular Brands for Your House

Electrical Insights

Electric switches, as we think about them are utilized to intrude on the progression of electrons inside a power circuit. The best modular switches brand are most likely controlled physically, notwithstanding, there are likewise accessible automatically controlled switches. There is a sufficient of choices for electrical switches, their working relies completely upon them on and off mechanism.

Modular switches are at standard from conventional switches. The most recent assortment of electrical switches is moderately helpful, safe, and simple to utilize. Having advanced electric switches fill various needs.

Types of Electrical Switches Available in India

In India, there is entire flexibility available in switches. They are versatile in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Initially, to say about best modular switches brand it has classified many types as per functionalities. Peruse the kind of most used electrical modular switches in the form of the list given below:

  • Single Pole
  • Double Pole
  • Three Ways
  • Four Ways
  • Multi-Location
  • Dimmer Switch

What is the Importance Of Using An Electric Power Switch?

  • Without a switch, a power circuit won’t be finished and henceforth, one won’t utilize whatever requires power.
  • If we want to use any appliances, we need switches to control it.
  • Domestic Electrical switches additionally help in saving the climate for we can close a switch when not being used. This can save our electricity bill also.
  • Different sorts of modular switches give the room an elegant look.

Functions Of Electric Switches

We are here to guide you in a better way about the functionality of the best modular switches brand. The below recommendations are about the appliance compatible with the switch functions.

Ceiling Fan6A SwitchRegulator
AC unitTrip switch, SocketNA
TV Unit6A SwitchOne-way switch indicator
Telephone unitSocketNA
Room heater16A Switch, 3 Pin SocketTo avoid flaws
Pendant Lamp6A SwitchTwo-way Switch
LED/ Tube Light6A SwitchOne-way switch

To add a stylish atmosphere to your rooms, these top 10 electrical switch brands in India can help your set up the wiring and decor of your space.

1. Havells Modular Switches

Havells Modular Switches

Havells is the best modular switches brand in India. It is prestigious for its electronic machines like Cooler, Power Batteries, and so on. On the off chance that you are looking for switches with extraordinary and refined plans, Havells isn’t so distant from you. The most awesome aspect of Havells scope of havells modular switches is that they are eco-friendly. Its switches are viable with different apparatus and devices. Another engaging feature is that they have a metal covering to keep away from electrical shocks. Make your home look unique and elegant by installing havells electrical switches.


  • These modular switches are an ideal combination of plan and innovation.
  • They are produced using retarded polycarbonate.
  • These have metal (brass) terminals and circular/arc shield safeguard.

2. Wipro Modular Switches

Wipro Modular Switches

Wipro is one of the best modular switches brands in India 2021. The best feature about this brand is that they prefer customized modular switches as indicated by the taste and inclinations of their customers. Wipro electric switches have a unique design and collection in which they use flame retardant plastic to avoid electrical shock and it enables extra safety.


  • They utilize fire resistant plastic in their modular switches to keep away from electrical shocks and to empower additional security.
  • They are comfortable and simple to install.
  • Along these lines, it lessens the expense of installation to save the time.

3. Anchor Modular Switches

Anchor Modular Switches

The anchor was acquired by Panasonic since then anchor is known as an anchor by Panasonic. Anchor electrical switches are the best modular switches in India. The most trustable brand & strong due to its protection and assurance. These particular switches come in the class of ‘undeniable prerequisite’ for everyone. Its modular switches accompany an IP 20 assured with screws, safeguard protection, sockets, and 1000mAh USB charging port.


  • Its Modular switches are not difficult to introduce and keep up with.
  • It is a 6 Amp Switch With 240 Volts.
  • On the off chance that there is a need to change the switch connection, you simply need to pull the switch frame and its screws.

4. Philips Modular Switches

Philips Modular Switches

Philips is a notable best modular switches brand in India for its apparatuses, for example, Room heaters, bulbs, Coolers, and lights. As per our source, this brand would be a savvy decision.


  • Philips modular switches accompany 10 years guarantee.
  • They are more durable along with break proof.
  • Philips Modular switches have twofold shutter security and are water-proof.

5. Legrand Modular Switches

Legrand Modular Switches

Legrand delivers the best and unique electrical products according to individual needs which will be suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial purposes. The best modular switches brand company Legrand has been conveying the solutions with their interactions. It has a wide range of legrand modular switches. This brand has remarkable plans with top caliber. In this brand, we can choose multiple collections according to your interior designs.


  • They likewise have a collection of dark switches that fill the need of emergency features at night times.
  • It likewise has brand series like Mysius, Mylinic, and Arteor. When compare to other brands, it is a bit costly.
  • Legrand switches are additionally produced using retarded polycarbonate.
  • These Modular switches has a 16A current.

6. Siemens Modular Switches

Siemens Modular Switches

Siemens is the best modular switches brand with outstanding amongst other electrical switches. They are always advanced in innovation. It makes it switches and switchboards thinking about the security of your family as a top priority.


  • Modular switches made up with plastic and are 9cm*7cm.
  • Affordable cost due to its material type.

7. Schneider Modular Switches

Schneider Modular Switches

Schneider Electric Switches is one of the best modular switches brands in India. The fact that its modular switches can be utilized for enriching purposes. Its switches accompany engaging tones, lovely plans, and shapes for workplace and business use. They likewise offer top-notch switchboards with a protective layer of metal on the top.


  • Standard in size with longevity
  • 6A modular one-way switch with 2m.

8. Polycab Modular Switches

Polycab Modular Switches

As we know, this brand is famous for its fastest improvement among any remaining brands. It is the best modular switches brand and expects to give you unique modular switches innovative procedures and that too with predominant quality. They have a genuine scope of modular switches differing in shapes, designs, patterns, and colors according to the requirement.


  • Durable switches
  • Fire resistant feature with polycarbonate material
  • Additionally, scintillating finishes and different type of colors are used as per requirements of consumer.

9. Simon Modular Switches

Simon Modular Switches

Simon— India’s best modular switches brand. It is one of the worldwide reputed brands with expertise in manufacturing electric equipment. Their goal is to meet customer needs with the best products of modular switches as indicated by their home design. Its modular switches accompany an electric shockproofing layer to keep away from electric shocks.


  • Unique designs
  • Manufactured with Protection layer.

10. GM Modular Switches

GM Modular Switches

GM Modular is the best modular switches brand for house purposes. This is the solitary brand that has entirely various assortments and designs of switches and different apparatuses and devices. GM Modular— The first industry that launched modular switches in India for the new generation by accessible to Wi-Fi automation system and it serves best GM Modular spike busters and guards technology. They create designs that praise your way of lifestyle. GM is a more suggestive decision than picking up any other modular switch


  • Effortless features included in this brand
  • Up-to-date in designs and patterns for aesthetic purposes

gm switch suppliers make the simple process of gm switch online shopping through gm switch distributors and gm switch dealers

Explore the most recent and the Best Modular Switches in India 2021 for the stylistic theme of your ideal home. These are made with the most extreme need to both wellbeing and plan!!

Where do I put switches and sockets in room for safety and aesthetics?

Exactly when you are arranging your home’s interiors, electrical wiring and switchboards ought to be masterminded so they don’t transform into a flaw that takes away from the overall look of your home once the errand is done. Arranging the switches in each room needs wary thought. They should be viably accessible, notwithstanding all around camouflaged so they don’t divert from the room’s arrangement style or pattern.

In this article, we are advising a few thoughts that you can decide for situating switches in your home.

#1. Eye on esthetics at entry point access at living room

In this excellent lounge/living room, the light switches are put in an upward strip in the focal point of the wall to guarantee that they don’t make a flaw. Make sure about the color of the switch, try to assemble it according to the wall finish.

#2. True simplicity at TV unit

The room or the region close to the TV needs a few fittings focused on associating the home theater, TV, DVD player, modernized beneficiary, and different adornments. It’s ideal to have a thought of the specific area of every gadget with the goal that the switchboard can be fixed close to it, as in this home where switches are fixed at various levels close to the switchboard unit. In addition, this way you to provide your TV at the level right height without losing the accommodation of rapidly getting to the switchboard.

#3. Keynote for convenience at bed room

Switches ought to be put advantageously where they can be reached effectively without extending or bowing unnecessarily. This is especially huge in a room where you need the light switch arranged so you can get to it while resting. Regardless of whether it’s for turn on/off the light before sleep time or at night time, putting it inside arm’s arrive at saves you from pulling a muscle by overstretching or slamming with furniture in obscurity.

#4. Heartfelt design at children’s room

Whenever if you place switches, consider children’s safety. Better to fix the switches as per switches ergonomics.

At the point when a room is being intended to a pattern, it’s a smart thought not exclusively to put the switches where they are not difficult to get to, yet additionally to guarantee they mix with the plan.

#5. Sprinkle free convenience at restrooms

In many restrooms, the plug point is incorporated into the light switchboard, so it should be put in an area that doesn’t get wet without any problem. For instance, in this washroom, in spite of the fact that there’s space for the switches between the mirror and the washbasin, it is repaired higher on the wall close to the washbasin to get it far from the sprinkle zone. This guarantees that the switch point is consistently dry and protected to utilize, and it is still strategically located for connecting apparatuses like hairdryers and electric shavers, for which one requires the mirror.

#6. Customizable accommodation at kitchen

In the kitchen, it’s helpful to have various plug points fitted into the wall near the work counter with the goal that the apparatus can be associated without any problem. Having a few couples of connections guarantees that you can run more than each apparatus in thusly, assisting you with working capably.

What aspects should be considered when purchasing best modular switches brand?

Nowadays, switches have become a style aspect for houses. They glanced unclear in before years however presently they have been changed into up-to-date designs. The stylish look of switches works on the appearance of houses extraordinarily. You would now be able to purchase enduring switches with in-vogue designs that can suit your decisions. Here are the few aspects to consider while purchasing the best modular switches brand,

  • Appearance or look of modular switches which suites to your home
  • There are lot of electric switches (One pole, two pole, three pole and four pole switches) available in market. According to the room appearance and capacity of the energy, Choose the best type of switches.
  • Every switch has its unique ISI mark. To prevent hazardous situations, Make sure about material of modular switches.
  • Keep this longevity in mind when purchasing any product.
  • Choose the best comfortable switches. Some switches may require pressure to turn on/off. Therefore, it is advisable to consider comfortable and easy use. Because of that, automatic switches are also available in the market now a days

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