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Top 10 Low Voltage Switch-Gear Products Essential for Industries

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Low voltage switchgear is a three-phase power distribution product designed to safely and reliable supply electricity at voltages up to 1000 volts and current up to 6000 amps.

Typical switchgear is rated up to 635 volts with a continuous current primary rating up to 10000 amps for supplying power from parallel sources.

Low voltage switchgear is mainly found on the secondary side of a power distribution transformer and is known as a substitution. It is used to supply electricity for critical power and critical process applications in heavy industries, manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, and water treatment plants.

Here are the top 10 low voltage switchgear products essential for Industries.

MCB Circuit Breaker


MCB Switch or a Miniature Circuit Breaker is an electrical switch used to protect electrical appliances from electrical shocks or overloads and is entirely self-operating. Due to its high capacity to manage large amounts of electricity, MCB is a much safer option than fuses. One of the best advantages of using an MCB is that it distributes power equally across all electrical appliances.

MCCB Breaker


MCCB or Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is a trip device or a circuit breaker assembled in a molded case. It automatically cuts power in case of power overloads or short circuits. It has a usual range of 250A-800A and is meant for higher-rated current used in industries. It has a higher degree than MCBs and can work for both high and low breaking capacity requirements. There are many well recognized brands manufacturing quality MCCB’s , check Legrand, Siemens, L&T and Schneider mccb price list at Eleczo and place your order at lowest price.

ACB Breaker


ACB or Air Circuit Breaker is an electrical device that provides overcurrent and short circuit protection for electrical circuits. It ranges from 800A-10000A and is used in power plants and industries to prevent possible fires and unexpected electrical failure explosions. They are generally used in low voltage applications below 450V.


RCCB or Residual Current operated Circuit Breakers are used to protect against dangerous shock currents when conductive objects under tension come into contact directly or indirectly. RCCBs are the easiest and fastest way to cut the power to the monitored circuit if the current limit is exceeded.

It is basically a current sensing device that can automatically measure and disconnect the circuit in case of faults or overloads.

ATS Switch


ATS or an Automatic Transfer Switch is used to command a generator start-up in case of power failures in an industry. It is the device used to automatically switch to emergency power when the generator is ready after a circuit breaker cuts off the main power in case of short circuits or overloads.

It connects the standby generator to your main and detects power failures. When the main utility power is back online, it switches back from the backup generators.

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ACCL or Automatic Change over Current Limiter is a changeover device similar to ATS. It is used to transfer the load of the main power supply to a generator supply in case of power failures. Additionally, it works as a load limiter that monitors the current drawn from the generator, ensuring reduced stress on the generator supply.



RCBO or Residual Current Breaker with Over Current is a protective device for two different types of faults and combines the functionalities of an MCB and RCD.

RCBOs are mainly used in applications where there is a need to provide combined protection against overloads and earth leakage currents. RCBOs are capable of sensing these faults and trips the circuit, ensuring the safety of the people in the industry and the equipment.

Distribution Boards


A distribution board mainly refers to the equipment that consists of bus bars, switches, fuse, and automated protective equipment for connecting, controlling, and protecting several circuit branches linked to the main circuit.

A typical electrical distribution board used in industries is known as PDB or Power Distribution Board. It is designed to distribute power to several machines, equipment, and sometimes even large buildings.

Bypass Switch


A Bypass Switch prevents and protects communication from severe network failures during a power loss or overload. The bypass switch automatically switches to bypass mode and isolates the main network from the local networking devices.

In inverters, a bypass switch sends power to the inverted loads while sending power to the inverter for it to recharge itself.

Changeover Switch


A changeover switch is designed to transfer electricity from a commercial power grid to a local generator in case of a power outage. They are also called transfer switches and are directly connected to the generator power supply of the industry or building.

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