top 10 circuit breakers

Top 10 Low Voltage Switch-Gear Products Essential for Industries

Low voltage switchgear is a three-phase power distribution product designed to safely and reliable supply electricity at voltages up to 1000 volts and current up to 6000 amps. Typical switchgear is rated up to 635 volts with a continuous current primary rating up to 10000 amps for supplying power from parallel sources. Low voltage switchgear […]

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primary facts about mcb

Important Facts about MCB and how it is better than HRC fuse(Buy MCB Online)

You should be aware of the fact that electrical equipment can be potentially damaged by overloads, or in some serious cases may even cause a fire! To protect these electronic products from overload, a fuse or MCB is necessary. For example, if there is an overload in an electrical circuit, a fuse or MCB breaks […]

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