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Guide for Choosing best electrical pipe for house wiring in 2024

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Electrical pipes are very crucial in terms of the safety of your building. Be it a commercial or residential apartment, house wiring is a very critical matter that needs special attention. You need to choose the best pipes for wiring in India in order to establish secured electrical lines. If you are not sure about electrical wiring pipe types, this blog will you to figure out the right selection of electrical pipes. 

What is the first step in finding the best electrical pipe for house wiring in India?

Electrical pipes and electrical wires are very crucial in terms of the safety of your building. Be it a commercial or residential apartment, house wiring is a very critical matter that needs special attention. You need to choose these best quality electric wires and the best electrical pipe for house wiring in India in order to establish secured electrical lines. If you are not sure about wires and cables pipes type, this blog will you figure out the right selection of electrical pipe.


The load calculation is the foremost important thing to gauge what is suitable for your house wiring.  To determine the load, you need to make a list of the electrical appliances like an air conditioner, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, hairdryers, etc., that you use in the home. Now check their capacities in watts and figure out the typical use in terms of their operating hours per day. 

The Best Electrical Pipes for House Wiring:

Now, in the end, define the number of days the appliance would be working and finally, multiply the three values and divide the balances by 1,000; it will let you estimate the Kilowatt-hours. Now, while doing so, do not forget to include the future installation you might be planning. 

Place the concealed PVC Conduit pipes in position. 


In the next step, you will move on to an electrical PVC conduit pipe; it is the second most significant part of the entire cabling system of your home. Mark each PowerPoint, electrical outlet, distribution board you want to include. This process typically comprises wall chiseling and placement of the conduit tubing. 

PCV pipes are not only aesthetically appealing, but they also reduce the chance of electrocution. You can avail of various range of PVC pipes as per the specific need of the wiring.

Colour coding of wires/ Does House wiring need to be in Conduit codes?


If you want to repurpose the wiring for your house, color coding wires are the most crucial one. It allows to recognize or identify the cables long after repairing the model. Polycab Wires generally come in red, green, blue, black, and yellow. If you have an intricate wiring system, it is best to use a different color for a separate operation.

Passing wires through the pipes 

On the basis of your requirement, pass the wires through the ceiling; you need to make sure that the wires and tie together and give them with GA wire. 



Earthing is a necessary part to safeguard the life of people living in the building. Electricity fall can lead to life-risking damage, so one should not avoid earthing. Let’s take an example where an electrical appliance in your building develops a potential fault; the current would travel down through the path of the earth. If you avoid earthing, you might lose the connection, and the out metal part of the washing machine would become live. And by simply touching the device, one could get a zest of electrical shock.

Which brand is best for house wiring?

Choosing the best quality electric wire for the house will take a lot of research. Before choosing the wire we need to look into details of the wire such as conductor size, material, voltage, and color, etc…

How to choose the right electrical PVC conduit pipe for your home? 

Electrical wiring pipe types

Electrical wire is installed to ensure electricity is supplied properly through all the channels. The electrical cables run over the building within the walls, and the secondary function of the conduit pipe is to handle the aesthetic of the building. It protects the wires from any kind of hazard. Apart from the size of the cable, the type of electrical conduit pipes has to be installed and would also depend on the external environment. 

For a residential apartment, an armored cable conduit is typically chosen for the safeguard of the building. It would protect the internal wires from a nail puncture. 

Which pipe is best for electrical wiring?

PVC conduit: it is economically a great choice and also protects from water absorption from the damp wall. PVC conduits are generally used for the electric wire that runs below the ground or in an open environment.

Metal conduits are the best option for the basement, garage, or surface of any wall. You might need a conduit bender to fit the pipe in any space, be it aluminum or steel. For commercial or industrial applications, the aluminum conduit would be a perfect choice. 

Liquid-tight flexible nonmetallic: LNFC is designed to be used in wet places, and it is entirely flame resistant. They are perfect for industrial and commercial wiring. It can be used in the pool, spa and air conditioning, and HAC unit. 

Liquid-tight flexible metal conduit: it is designed to work in high degree or moisture-prone areas. They are most suitable for water treatment, bridges, paper mills, and petrochemical facilities. It also has a plastic waterproof coating that enables its capacity to sustain in moisture-laden areas.

Which brands offer the best electrical pipe for house wiring?

Pvc conduit pipes are always rigid and strong enough to withstand construction works without doing damage to the wires. Vip Pvc conduit pipes -best conduit pipes for electrical wiring are best suited electrical pipes for house wiring, they have various properties like lightweight, flame retardant, high tensile strength, and maintenance-free.

Otherwise, you could go with precision PVC conduit pipes, Precision electrical PVC conduit pipes were made from especially unplasticized polyvinyl chloride to meet India and international marketing standards and markets. Properties like fast installation, corrosion resistance, and flame retardant making it the best electrical pipe for house wiring.

Other than Vip PVC conduit pipes and Precision PVC pipes you can rely on Anchor, Polycab, and Finolex cables online for the best electrical pipe for house wiring. And as well along with thinking of conduit pipes, it is also good to consider wires and cables,

Even after reading this article you couldn’t able to figure out which electrical PVC conduit pipe for your new home, We at are always there for you to provide assistance in choosing the best electrical pipe for house wiring. For more information and inquiries kindly write us to  or give us a call at 080-41119871.

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