10 wires & cables companies in India

Top Wires and Cables Companies in India 2024

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Choosing the best wires and cables companies is essential as the corporate and industrial use of these cables and wires happens quite significantly. Different works linked with the wires and cables involve both reputation and risk, and therefore, it is of utmost importance that the users look for the best companies when it comes to the wires. The capacity or the amps are the main differentiating factors, whereas the materials with which the cables are made hold equal importance. We know you wish to go for the best options, and that is why we have come up with the top 7 wire and cable companies in India. Our team of experts has come up with this list. As you buy wires online, you can go for the following.

Anchor Wires and Cables

Anchor Wires

Anchor Wire, No Fire, the Anchor wires & cables Company has earned an excellent name for its wires and cables with its tagline. Established in the year 1963, the company started manufacturing the wires in 1998. Currently, the company has its headquarter in Mumbai and Maharashtra, with more than 55 sales offices all over India. They are also aided by many sales headquarters and smaller sales offices.

In 10 units for manufacturing in 6 locations, Anchor has now become a household name. At present, the company has 10,000 employees, and out of them, 360 employees are in the wire and cable factories.

Each year, more than 3000 products are manufactured by this company, which comes from 20 major groups of products. These include wires and cables as well as wiring devices, fans, luminaries and lamps, circuit breakers, and so on. In the manufacturing economy of India, they really have a long role to play.

Finolex Wires and Cables

Finolex Wires & Cables

Established in the year 1958, Finolex Cables Ltd. Primarily focuses on the cable wires only. It has a whopping 28 branches all over the country, with headquarters in Maharashtra and Pune. In recent years, Finolex cables has been a prominent name to have captured the international market. With a network of more than 3500 distributors and 30,000 retailer outlets, the company has built up a larger network. Its path is open to being one of the topmost companies in India. Click for More On Finolex 1.5 mm Wire.

KEI Cables


From its inception in the year 1968, KEI Industries Ltd has been rising to face due to its perfect cable manufacturing plans. Presently the company is doing its best to excel in the EPC division. This company happens to be the only one in India having the DNV class approval for manufacturing Marine cables. Apart from that, the company is also venturing into other projects like cutting down energy consumption to buy the wires they make. In order to go forward for a greener and more environment friendly Nation, the company has taken several policies. Perhaps for these steps, the company has achieved the most prestigious ‘Consumer Super brand Status award in the business to consumer category in the year 2011-12.

Polycab Wires and Cables

Polycab Wires

After its establishment in the year 1968, the famous company polycab focused on manufacturing cable wires. With a growth rate of 12%, the Polycab wires has proven its true worth over the years, and the fact that the company has garnered more and more customer support throughout the years. Be it High Voltage or low voltage, or medium voltage, when it comes to polycab, the quality stays at the optimum level. Up to 220-volt cables are available from this manufacturing company. From this company, one can have the submersible wires, LAN cables, multi-core, single-core flexible wires, etc.

RR Kabel Wires and Cables

RR Kabel

This company happens to be one of the pioneering organizations to deal with wire designing and application check. The company has been around for more than 20 years, and when it comes to the safety measures of the wires and cables, then RR Kabel happens to be named in the industrial facility. Be it retail spaces for offices, residences for industrial plants, and the use of cables from this company has been havoc. We are not talking about house wires here but a wide variety of wire products as well. This includes such cables that are low smoke and flame retardant, PVC flame retardant and low halogen, etc.

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