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Which is the Best MCB Brand for Home Wiring?

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In this blog, you will get a holistic idea of the top MCB brand produced in India. With accurate brand information, we will guide you to enrich your knowledge on the application of MCB and why it has become an integral part of the electric circuit.

What is an MCB, and how does it work?

MCB or Miniature Circuit Breaker is an electro-mechanical device, which is specially designed for protecting an electric circuit. It is essential if an electrical fault is caused by an overload of electricity or a short circuit.

Gone are the days when we protected wiring against over-current through fuse wire. The principle behind the technology is simple. An over-current would blow the fuse wire through rapid heating and melting it. Therefore, it breaks the electrical connection, and while this method is being done, the fuse system protects the rest of the electrical circuit.

MCB Internal View

MCB improves the functionality of electrical circuits because they are usually not destroyed while over-current; therefore, it is reusable. It is also much easier to use and offers the convenience of an on/off button for circuit isolation. Because the conductor is placed within a plastic casing, it is much safer to operate and use.

MCB consists of three characteristics principle:

Amperes: Overload occurs if too many appliances are put on a single circuit and draw excessive load electrical current than circuit and cable are designed to take. For example, it could occur in the kitchen when all the kitchen appliances are in use simultaneously. The MCB on this circuit cuts power and prevent overheating and fire in cable and terminals.

Kilo Amperes: Short circuit rating is a result of a fault in an electric circuit or appliance and potentially more dangerous than any overload. The scale and speed of over-current occur in different order of magnitude. It happens if there is a direct connection between live and neutral conductor.

Best MCB brands, which are typically used in domestic installations, are rated at 6kA or 6000 amps. The relationship between normal voltage (240v) and domestic appliance power rating means over-current caused by short circuit should not exceed 6000 amps. In the case of commercial and industrial situations, using 415v and large machinery is required to use 10kA rated MCBs. This rating indicates the maximum Prospective Fault Current (PFC) that MCB can withstand and operates securely by disconnecting the circuit.

Tripping Curve: The ‘Tripping Curve’ allows to surge power. It is necessary, especially for a commercial environment, for using large machines and usually requires an initial surge of power in surplus running current for overcoming the inertia of large motors.

All three types of MCB give tripping protection within one-tenth of a second. MCB has now become a powerful device and an inevitable protection device. It is recommended to use MCB in every electrical installation to safeguard all your equipment from overloading and short circuit.

What are the different types of MCB?

There are various type of MCB available that encompasses type A, B, C, D, and Z. Three key versions are type B, C and D. Every version is designed for making it responsive and empower with the strength of electrical surges in different settings. These variations are generally characterized as their ‘trip curve’ structure; however, they can also be known as their tripping characteristics or over-current characteristics.

Type B: It is considered the most sensitive MCB type and designed for domestic applications and low voltage commercial settings.

Type C: This powerful circuit breaker is designed to trip at currents between five and ten times their rated load.

Type D: This is the least sensitive type, only be activated when the current surges between ten and twenty times the recommended one.

How MCB works to protect from a short circuit?

MCB is truly a crucial part of any electrical circuit, and it requires a few monitoring objects that protect from overloading and short circuit as well. Take a glance at the essential objects of MCB:

  • Latch
  • Solenoid
  • Switch
  • Plunger
  • Incoming Terminal
  • Arc Chutes Holder
  • Arc Chutes
  • Dynamic Contact
  • Fixed Contact
  • Din Rail Holder
  • Outgoing Terminal
  • Bi-metallic Strip Carrier
  • Bi-metallic Strip

The two types of over-current manifest in separate ways an MCB detects and then deals with them separately: the primary way is through thermal operation, and the next step is through an electromagnetic operation.

During any short Circuit, there is generally a sudden and dramatic rise of electric current that causes electromechanical displacement of the plunger from the tripping coil or solenoid. The plunger hits the trip lever causing the immediate release of the latch mechanism, which opens the contactable and therefore breaks the circuit.

Which is the best MCB brand for home wiring?

The type of MCB that one should buy entirely depends on the specific device or installation. If you are looking for the best MCB brand for home, you need to consider the following things:

  • The tripping types.
  • Breaking capacity needs the most attention. The maximum current a circuit breaker interrupts without destruction or releases an arc. It needs to compare the strength of any surges in the area of installation. The breaking capacity of a miniature circuit is measured in Kiloamperes (kA). Each of the numbers is 1,000 amperes, the basic unit of electrical current.
  • You must consider thinking about the number of poles or trippable switches within the MCB placement. The Pole option consists of single, double, triple and neutral, and four-pole.

You can choose the best mcb brand from the following options as per your requirements:

Among the numbers of MCB’s available in India, Havells India Limited produces the best quality MCBs for both commercial and domestic use. Havells is a renowned and one of the biggest electrical appliances companies and possesses a wide range of networks worldwide.

The company also manufactures a variety of items for home and kitchen appliances, LED, fans, modular switches, fans, MCB, cable, induction motors, and a variety of electrical appliances. They produce world-class products in electric home appliances. Having being catered to over fifty countries, their services are efficient and quality-proven.

So choose the best MCB for home and protect your house equipment’s from short circuits and overload issues.

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