What are Switches and Sockets?

Jul 2017
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what are switches and sockets?

Switches and sockets are devices that are used as a connection in the electrical circuit. Switches gives you reliability to control all equipments they are basically used to switch devices like television, radio, refrigerator, fan etc and sockets are used to draw power from these electrical equipments.

These devices are made up of plastic or metals and they come in all sizes and shapes which provides solution to any environment from residential homes to commercial places like airports, restaurants, hospitals and industries they are beautifully crafted based on the users requirement.

As electrical switches have multiple applications, using high efficient safety switching devices is essential therefore replacing conventional switch models is the best option to go for because some devices include electrical wires which can be quite harmful and dangerous to human life. Therefore, using UL approved standard switches is necessary.


The trend in switching devices..!!(what are switches and sockets)

Years back the requirement for lighting solutions was different but today there has been a significant impact seen in lighting requirements of users, with the modernization in technology now switches are also designed by including attributes like LED lighting indicator make it look more appealing, another example is invisible or transparent light switches that are designed to match the interior of walls.


then comes remote control lighting solutions through which you can remotely dim or control the lighting of your house without going near the switchboard and finally modular switches are the latest in the market that is gaining edge due to its attractive features like elegant design, hidden screws, shuttered sockets, and more.

Rated voltage for electrical switches and sockets

  1. 110V
  2. 127V
  3. 230V
  4. 240V
  5. 250V AC

Rated current for electrical switches & socket

  1. 10A
  2. 10/16A
  3. 10/25A
  4. 13A
  5. 15A
  6. 16A
  7. 16/6A
  8. 20A
  9. 25A

Add on features of electrical switches(what are switches and sockets)

  1. Allows easy fitting, assembly and installation
  2. User friendly device
  3. Aesthetic appeal
  4. Versatile and multi-functional device
  5. Highly energy efficient
  6. Ergonomic design
  7. Durable and safe

Top brands for switch & socket(what are switches and sockets)

  1. Anchor
  2. C&S Electric
  3. Cona Smyle
  4. GM Modular
  5. GreatWhite Electricals
  6. Honeywell
  7. Legrand

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