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What is MCB?

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is a small trip switch created to protect electrical appliances, equipments and human creatures from damage caused by overload and short circuit. When any fault occurs in the network, current exceeds the rated limit. This is how a miniature circuit breaker works; it detects the excess flow of current and immediately breaks the circuit.


The MCB (miniature circuit breakers) are available in various current ratings such as single-phase, two-phase, three-phase that protect electrical devices of many types in residential, commercial buildings, industrial establishments, hotels, theaters, houses etc. The use of MCBs saves sophisticated equipments like T.V. Air, Conditioner, Refrigerator, Heating appliance etc. from short circuit and voltage fluctuation. It functions much better then safety fuses which were used earlier. They can be reset (manually or automatically) to restore normal operation, whereas in circuits with fuses, it needs to be replaced after a single use.

How Does MCB(what is mcb) Functions?

The operation of MCB is simple. MCB switch turns off, when the electric current flow passes through it and reaches the maximum limit, and then it can be manually restarted when the current flow becomes low and ready to operate. Generally, the way in which MCB construction are designed, they operate at less than 2. 5 milliseconds during short circuit faults and 2 seconds -2 minutes in case of overloads with regards to the level of current.


Types of Miniature Circuit Breaker(what is mcb)

MCBs are classified into three major types according to their instantaneous tripping currents

  1.  Type B
  2.  Type C
  3.  Type D


1.  The installation of miniature circuit breakers are very easy and simple
2.  MCB(what is mcb) has less maintenance and replacement cost, unlike an electrical fuse we don’t need to replace  it every time when it breaks the circuit
3.  MCB switch works quickly on overloading and under voltage
4.  MCB’s requires little space, Due to its compact size
5.  It automatically switches off the electrical circuit during abnormal conditions such as in over load condition as well as flawed condition
6.  In the long term, MCBs are more economical because they provide.protection for   a long duration of time.

7.  MCB is more sensitive; it detects any abnormality in the current flow and automatically switches off the electrical circuit
8.  MCB low voltage switch gear comes in modular design.
9.  Easy to be used by non-technical also
10. Each MCB type may vary depending on the requirement and installations

As the advantages overcome the disadvantages, the use of miniature circuit breaker has become one of the most widely used electrical protection device in the world. But the question is where to get it at best price? No worries! All top branded and quality MCBs(what is mcb) are available at best discount prices on Eleczo.com. So, visit www.eleczo.com and get your MCB.

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