What is an ATS?

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What is an ATS?


ATS or Automatic Transfer Switch is an electric circuit switch that will automatically transfer the source of power supply from the primary source to its backup source in case if it senses some disturbance or failure in the power supply. As the names suggest, these switches work automatically, it adds power to your generator when you need it, but in case of a manual transfer switch it requires some manual action or human intervention to physically move the switch from one position to another.

These Power automatic transfer switches are widely used in entities like hospitals, defense centers, fire extinguish departments, police department etc. Not only industries or multinational OEMS but also modern houses like villas have auto transfer switches installed in order to accommodate the higher current ratings in case if it exceeds beyond the unit power rating. These happen only in cases where a house has more than one service panel.


How to select ATS?

While selecting ATS(what is an ats), you need to be careful as it must fulfill the maximum reliability test and meet the technical standards. Other factors like size, shape, voltage rating and load carrying capacity needs to be considered before purchasing these controllers.

How does ATS(what is an ats) transfer switch work?

ATS controllers are installed along with generators by trained technician, during the power failure, ATS device will detect the loss off electric supply and it will automatically switch on in AUTO mode. The process takes few seconds to resume its operations as it completely depends on how far the generator is located from its premises.

Types of auto transfer switches(what is an ats)

Basically ATS equipments are designed depending on their applications. There are four types of ATS and they are:

  1. Open Transition Transfer Switch
  2.  Closed Transition Transfer Switch
  3. Soft Loading Transfer Switch
  4. Static Transfer Switch (STS)


  1. When an ATS(what is an ats) panel is installed, the generator automatically provides a temporary electrical power if the source tends to fails
  2. A dual automatic transfer switch installation consumes less space
  3. ATS system is safer to use
  4. Time saving because automated process
  5. It is a convenient mode to backup the power in the generators
  6. Automatic transfer switches are very helpful during emergency circumstances

While choosing the best automatic transfer switches those generators that are manufactured based on the requirement of a specific brand is usually the best option to go for. So, before purchasing these electrical products, ensure that the ATS is compatible with the generator you purchase as each one has its own unique features. Anyhow, if you want to go though the compete detail before purchase, then Eleczo.com is the right choice.

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