Surge Protection Device – (SPD)

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What is a Surge protection device?

Surge protection device or SPD protects electrical equipments from damage caused by over current or over voltage. It is also called as surge arrester or transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). It is used in every level of power supply and they help in absorbing the right level electrical charge in order to protect equipment.

When there is sudden increase in the voltage power, the surge protector detects the excess current flow and it tends to divert in the other path to prevent further damage of equipment.


Why to buy electrical surge protection device?

The entire world is today dependent upon electrical devices like smart phones, television, DVD players, laptops etc. But have we ever thought protection of these dives is mandatory.

As these devices are delicate in nature they can react to high voltage and over current fluctuations due to lighting strike. So surge devices can help in providing protection to these electrical devices in order to increase the longevity and life span of electrical gadgets and devices.

Applications of Surge protector/ Surge Arresters

  1. LV switchboards
  2. Telephone networks
  3. Power supply networks
  4. Automatic control buses
  5. Computer
  6. Electrical gadgets


  • Type 1- Used for electrical installations against direct lightning strokes
  • Type 2 – Used for low voltage electrical installations
  • Type 3- Used as a supplement for type 2 surge protector 

Tips for Installation –Power surge protector

  1. Select the location where you want to place the device preferably room temperature
  2. keep the surge protector 3-4 feet away from the equipment
  3. Make sure that the surge protecting wire is short as possible
  4. Ensure that the surge wire is not bet and kept straight.


  1. It help in keeping your electrical equipment safe and secure
  2. SPD equipment is in expensive device
  3. Ease to operate and user friendly product

You can buy surge protector from a local supplier, but there can be chances that you may not be aware of installation procedures that are required. As it is very important to pay attention and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation process.

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