Siemens to acquire C&S Electric For Amount of RS.2100 Crores

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Siemens to acquire C&S. Yes, you heard it right Siemens the Leader for “Low voltage switchgear” Is planning and are with terms for buying the 50 Year Company. 

This acquisition can cause large growth impacts for Siemens and C&S Electric .

Siemens is a large Manufacturing player and has seen great success through its journey .

Adding success touch, Siemens is now Signing an Acquisition form Where it is acquiring the 50-Year-old player C&S Electric in India. The Acquisition can also release new Formal manufacturing units In India. 

With 99% Share, Siemens is planning a large acquisition with the Company and planning Expanding its Units from All Over the World. 

This acquisition consists taking The Niche, Infrastructure, Power generation, Plant implementation, Distribution, Key supplier, Technology and Idealization. With this, Siemens can create power and wealth generation through its course, call the tag the largest “Low voltage switch-gear producers” .

With the agreement for Siemens to acquire C&S Electric, Siemens is acquiring 99%, The total share from C&S Electric, Exchange reinforces nearby Talent Closeness, empower creation and export center point, thus can Develop Huge And, Where, the Agreement amounts are ₹2100 Crore/-, Which also has regulatory approvals.  

The medium Ranges are retaining with the owners that include Lighting, Package Generation, Engineering Procurement and Construction, Constriction, Along with eatcom. C&S Will Yet retain its brand name and Function with its name. This combination will improve reputation for Making Quality Products Under the industry, Providing customer service With a Wider audience and Proper expertise .

Cedrick Neike, Member -the Managing Board -Siemens AG and CEO Smart Infrastructure, Quotes, “Safe, intelligent and reliable electrification is the backbone economic and societal development. Joining forces with C&S Electric allows us to bring a more comprehensive portfolio that addresses the needs of a very important market. Siemens is committed to significantly improving access to reliable and efficient power supply in India. This latest investment demonstrates our commitment to strengthening our offering in high growth markets in Asia.” 

Sunil Mathur, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Siemens Ltd., Quotes: “The addition C&S Electric’s products, sales network, manufacturing units, and a highly competent employee base will complement and strengthen the range of Siemens’ offering. This will bolster our portfolio not only in India but also for export to competitive international markets in line with our growth strategy.” 

C&S Has 5000 Employees and various Units in India .

‘This acquisition can Look as an opportunity for the growth And Provide larger Technology integration for the fastest Growing NATION in India 

C&S Electric – It has the excess with 5,000 workers across three principle fabricating areas – Haridwar, Noida, and Guwahati – including an innovative work focus In India 

Portions with SIEMENS LTD. Are exchanging BSE at ₹1625.5/- when contrasted with the past close ₹1583.45/- The absolute number exchange during the day -53108 With more than 1218 exchanges.  

The stock hit an intraday high with ₹1628/- and intraday low 1582. The net turnover during the day -₹85285936/- 

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