Push Button — The Most Simplest Momentary Switch

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Electronic Switch and Mechanical SwitchesSwitches are mainly classified into two categories:

  1. Mechanical switch – These switches can make or break the circuit by means of physical action either by moving, pressing, releasing or touching. Ex: Push buttons
  2. Electronic switch – They do not require any physical contact in order to control a circuit. These are activated by semiconductor action. Ex: Transistor, Relays, MOSFETs, etc.

Further Mechanical Switches are Divided Into:

  1. Latch Switch: These are the basic ON/OFF switch which requires a Push/On to make the circuit and again a Push/OFF to break the circuit.
  2. Momentary Switch: Momentary switch holds the state till you maintain the pressure or a touch, their effect lasts only as long as your finger is on the switch. One common example of a momentary switch is a doorbell. The doorbell only rings while you are pressing the button.

How Push Button Works?Working of Push Button Switch - Eleczo.com

When a user presses the button, current starts flowing with the completion of circuit however as soon as the user removes its finger from the button, circuit breaks resulting to power cut off. Spring mechanism used in the circuit makes its working so simple and easy. The spring automatically gets released once you take off your finger so you don’t need to apply much pressure while pressing.

Many types of push buttons give you a tactile or clicky feedback when you press them which is an indication of circuit completion. Moreover, if in case you don’t listen this clicky sound, it can be a sign of fault in wiring line, switch circuit or any other damage that might result into serious failure in future if not corrected on time.

Push Button Designs - Eleczo.comDifferent Pushing Button Designs

Buttons are made out of hard material such as plastic or metal with varied surface shapes like flat, round, etc., but are usually shaped to accommodate the human finger or hand so the electronic switch can be easily depressed or pushed.

Also, based on the mounting surface their design varies accordingly for example through-hole, surface mount, and panel mounts push buttons and many other like this. Furthermore, there are some push buttons that come up with LED light in their circuit, used in areas like underground railways, tunnels, laboratories or workplaces with inadequate natural light or permanent darkness, so that the switch remains visible all the time.

Common Applications of Pushbutton Switches
  1. Keypads of calculator, keyboard, mobile, and other electronic machines
  2. Kitchen appliances (microwave)
  3. Home and commercial applications (alarm bell, lift buttons,etc.)
  4. Transportation (remote controls, car radios, joy sticks, etc.)
  5. Aerospace and avionics panel
  6. Medical, marine and military equipment

There are endless uses of push buttons from industrial to residential, with numerous applications making the device an important aspect of your work premises.

Types of Push Buttons - Eleczo.comTypes of Push Buttons Also knows As “Biased Switch”

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