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Let Us know about Panel lights

What is panel light?

Panel light is a lighting device designed for indoor and outdoor setting which is now commonly used as a replacement option for fluorescent lights as they have much higher brightness then any other ordinary lights.

Panel lights– The new trend to watch in LED technology

The led light technology is new revolution that has entered into the market and from the time it has stepped in, it is gaining edge because of its attractive features, innovative designs and its green lighting technology.

These LED lights can be placed on the ceilings, walls or even on the roofs and they are  mostly used for interior decorations purposes.

The consumption of these LEDs is estimated to be approximately to 6 walts. The frame used in the panel light is one of the most important parts in its construction as it protects the light from any sort of leakage and causes less heat dissipation.

It is made up of materials like aluminum alloy and gallium, so the manufacturing process is pollutant free and is done concerning the safety needs of human life, as it does not contain any mercury it is a reusable and recyclable product.

They are customized in such a way that they cause no sort of radiations and protect the eyesight of the users when they look at it directly­­­­­­­ without dazzling.

These lights also work well when there is unstable supply of power or voltage fluctuations, therefore it is shock resistant device and there is no danger of overheating.


Are LED panel lighting worth the money?

Yes panel led lights are worth the money. At the end of the day we all need good lighting…When we buy any product the question that comes to everybody’s mind is what is the USP (unique selling preposition) in purchasing that product. So why buy panel light…?

  1. It is a Cost effective product
  2. Slim and sleek design
  3. Higher brightness
  4. Comes with different color options
  5. Comes in variety of shapes based on customers requirement


Where can panel lights be used?

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail chains like big supermarkets etc.

Advantages of panel lights

  1. Durable in nature
  2. Life expectancy is longer
  3. It has no thermal effect.
  4. Flexibility in design
  5. Environmental friendly product


With the emerging demand for LED lighting products like ceiling panel lights, every household and be it a multinational company, is asking for them. So what’s stopping you?

Don’t you want to experience the new lighting trend? If yes…Then replace your existing fluorescent lights with brand new LED panel’s light now…!

If you have a narrow ceiling void or high roof tops then using these high edged LED panels from are ideal and the best choice to go for. Switch to LED and buy led lights online to optimize your lighting experience in terms of getting a brighter environment and reduced cost options.

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