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What is Molded Case circuit breaker?

Molded case circuit breaker is an electro mechanical device that is used to provide protection from over current, short circuit and electrical faults.They are applied in switch boards, plug-in units, panel boards and motors. It has been used as an alternative to fuse as it does not require replacement when the short circuit is detected.

 An mccb breaker come in the frame sizes ranging from 32 amperes to 3000 amperes. They are UL 489-approved circuit breakers and widely applied in sectors such as military, industrial, commercial and mining.


What specifications need to be considered while selecting an molded case circuit breaker?

As molded case circuit breaker vary in sizes with different tripping values, a qualified expert professional is recommendable who has knowledge about the trip setting and breaking capacity of MCCB. The main aspect that needs to be considered before selecting an MCCB includes the following:

  1. Must have adjustable trip value
  2. The current rating and current setting range should be in amperes
  3. The operating characteristics should be either normal or current limiting type

Application of MCCB Circuit Breaker


  1. Motor protection
  2. Generator protection
  3. Acceptable both in low power and high power applications.
  4. Used in the main electric feeder protection
  5. Capacitor bank protection

Why is preventative maintenance important in MCCB Electrical ?


 Preventive measures with adequate maintenance and testing is needed in order to increase the service life of Molded case circuit breaker. Environmental factors like change in humidity, high ambient temperatures can degrade the MCCB switch life.

Regular cleaning and visual inspection like noticing cracks or burns can help you detect early signs or defaults in the machine and can guarantee long life of these circuit breakers. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards if MCCB electrical is not been operated or opened for a duration of at least six months then should be removed and replaced.

Therefore in case of short circuit or overloading of current, testing these switch breakers can guarantee and help in providing adequate protection as well as personal safety.

Types of MCCB 

  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D


  1. Flexibility in operation.
  2. These low voltage MCCB are available in draw out mount design
  3. Mainly suitable for feeder circuit breaker protection
  4. The panel space is saved due to its small size
  5. Electrical MCCB  is an inexpensive device
  6. Inbuilt for ground fault protection
  7. Molded-case circuit breaker  has adjustable thermal and magnetic trip units


To summarize molded-case circuit breakers offers protection for those applications which have high current rating and with adjustable trip settings.

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