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Lighting Devices

The 21st century is totally dependent on electrical products, lighting devices, to solve the challenges of a modern world. Light has become a basic requirement in every day life,   Good lighting can help in creating a positive impact by bringing comfort in the environment you live.

Depending on aspects like room size, interiors, ambience and wall colors different lighting fixtures are required for example the requirement for lighting  devices in a restaurant and a hospital are totally different, dim lighting, ceiling chandeliers hanging light, CFL, and slim tube lights can help in  creating  the right impact.

It  can be used in suttle ambience like hotels & restaurants where as in hospitals which operates 24/ 7 highly efficient CFL  down lights & LED Lighting is required.

Led lights

Features of Lighting devices & Fixtures

  1. No overheating
  2. Eco-friendly product
  3. Can withstand adverse temperatures
  4. Compact design
  5. Longer life span
  6. Durable Quality
  7. Frequent Switching options available
  8. High safety Cost efficient
  9. Easy to install


Different lighting Options

  • Indoor Lighting
  • LED Lamps
  • Tube Lights
  • Clean Room Lights
  • Domestic Lights
  • Commercial Lights
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Panel Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Street lights
  • Panel lights
  • Spot lights
  • Flood lights
  • CFL lights
  • LED bulbs
  • LED lights
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Halogen Bulbs and many more


Top Brands for LED lighting products

  • Polycab
  • HPL
  • Syska LED
  • Crompton
  • Wipro
  • C&S Electricals
  • Honeywell
  • Philips
  • Havells
  • GM Modular, etc.

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