LED Lights — An Ideal Replacement for Incandescent Lightings

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Led lights:

With the advancement in technology, LED lights are drastically replacing traditionally powered halogen and standard incandescent lights. Whether you need it for commercial, industrial or domestic application. These lights are proved as the most energy efficient and long lasting lighting solution, saving up to 90% costs as compared to the older version of lights that consumes a lot more electricity than LEDs.

Having an impressive lifespan of around 10-20 years with zero or no maintenance, available in variety of lighting colours in addition to countless uses and functions; LED lights remarkably cut down your electricity bill to a great extent!

Functioning of LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lights


LED comes with a special diode that uses a semiconductor chip to produce light when an electric current is passed through it. Though these diodes are very small in size even then produces very large amount of light.

The magic filaments in it solely illuminates by the movement of electrons in a semiconducting material without getting burnt out or hot that makes them run for longer duration while in case of incandescent bulbs the filament used, get burn out after a short time interval.

Because of so many advantages, LEDs are taking place over all kind of electronic devices to perform different lighting jobs.

Pick Best From Rest

People often associate the best price products are those that have lowest MRP which is not true in every case. This misconception can often lead you to wrong buying decisions. Especially when it comes to LED lightings, you may find different brands offering same type of LED product at different price with a huge variation in its cost. Which makes it difficult for you as a buyer to select the perfect match for your requirement.

To make this choice easier for you we have come up with Facts & Figures that will showcase the possible causes affecting LED light prices. Once you know the determining factors, you will be able to make out; which is the best lighting solution for you

Three Critical Components of LED Lighting:

The Chip – It is a semiconducting material or more commonly a diode which is responsible for light generation. Generally higher the quality of chip, higher its price.

LED Drives – It is a driving unit that supplies power to chip for generating light. There are two basic drive modes constant current driver in which voltage varies whereas constant voltage in which current varies.

With Constant current you can easily manage the right brightness, however are little costlier than constant voltage which are available 12VDC or 24VCC.

The Outer Casing – Price of this part of LED lighting fixture varies according to structure, size, and type of material used. Plastic casings are usually cheaper but relatively expensive than aluminium casings and are preferred in high quality fixtures.

Moreover, LED life span also affect its price, on an average it should be 50000 hours. Higher the hours more will be its price. Additionally you should also look at the warranty period which has to be in between 2 – 5 years. Many large supermarkets and shopkeepers offer one year or 6 months warranty and do not provide extended term which result into significantly reducing light life.

Things to Consider to Buy LED Lights

As like we see watt rating in Bulbs, in case of LED you should consider lumens (Brightness measurement of LED) for example LED bulb of 60W gives brightness equivalent to 8-12W of incandescent bulb.

LED lights are available in many color like red, blue, green and many along with warm, soft and cool white. Many brands have colour temperature in kelvin specified on their product in such cases lower the temperature number, warmer is the light.

So Where You Can Find the Assured Quality LED Lighting Products?

Philips is the leading brand known for quality and innovation in every aspect of their indoor – outdoor luminaries. Mastering the world of LED with their wide range of revolutionary products like LED light tubes, Batten lights & lamps, Controls & Fixtures, etc., they have become the pioneers of LED Lighting. Along with it Havells, Wipro, Syska LED, Crompton, HPL, Honeywell, GM Modular and C&S are some of the other brands on whom you can completely rely on for your LED requirements. With these trusted brands quality, safety, and durability comes guaranteed.

Hope with this article you get a clear insight and what all factors to be kept in mind before buying LEDs. If you wish to buy these lights from trusted brands, you can directly get it on www.eleczo.com where we have a huge product catalogue of LED lights.

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