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What is auxiliary contactors?


In order to understand auxiliary contactor we first need to understand each of the terms specifically. The term auxiliary means helper and the term contactor refers to a mechanically operated switch which is used for switching an electric power circuit.

So basically these auxiliary switches act as a secondary switching device which works in connection with primary switching devices like relay, contactors and circuit breakers. They are also called as supplementary contacts or control contacts.

It has lower current rating but it has armature same as a power contactor. It acts as an additional motor starter. They are mainly used in devices where there is signal switching and defaults.

Both contactors and relays are electromagnetic switches and they both operate on the same working principle but with a basic difference that contactors operate in high rating current whereas a relay operates in low current rating.

Where is auxiliary contactors used?

  • Signaling in electronic circuits
  • Capacitor banks
  • Electric motors
  • Lighting devices
  • Heating equipments

What are the rated voltage options available on electrical auxiliary contactors?


  • 24V AC
  • 110V AC
  • 220VAC
  • 415V AC
  • 24V DC
  • 110V DC
  • 220V DC

 Features of Auxiliary switch

  1. Enhanced with switching reliability
  2. Visible contact status indication
  3. Low activation noise
  4. Energy saving product
  5. Featured with make or break contact

Types of auxiliary contacts

  1. Normally closed (N/C) contacts.
  2. Normally open (N/O) contacts.


  1. Circuit breaker auxiliary contacts is a space saving device
  2. Auxiliary contactor circuit breakers is economical
  3. Auxiliary contact comes with integrated electric lock
  4. Provides high time setting accuracy
  5. Auxiliary contactors come in many forms with varying capacities and features


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