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What is Air Circuit Breaker?

ACB stands for Air Circuit Breaker (electric power distribution systems) it is a type of circuit breaker that mainly operates in atmospheric pressure in the air, this device basically provides protection from short circuit and over currents.

It is also called blast air circuit breaker because it acts like a quenching or cooling medium.

The operation of ACB completely depends on its availability of whether it can be electrically operated or manually operated.  They are mostly used in navy department for ship generators to safeguard them before they breakdown.

Air Circuit breakers are available in format type such as fixed type format and withdraw able or (draw-out) type formats.

The air circuit breakers have replaced the oil circuit breakers, as it provides a reliable and uninterrupted continuous flow of power supply;

they are widely used in areas such as hospitals, office buildings, communication facilities commercial spaces and industries.


Why to Buy Electrical ACB Circuit Breaker…?

  1. It is high in performance
  2. Comes in user friendly design
  3. Compact in size
  4. Light weight and
  5. Available in different frame sizes

     Working principle of ACB

Low voltage ACB switchboards basically operate in two modes

  • Opening Mode
  • Closing Mode


Types of Contact in ACB

ACB consists of contacts which are dived into three main categories

  1. Main contact: It is made up of copper and it is mainly responsible to carry the load current under usual circumstances
  2. Arching contact: It is made up of carbon, these contacts either make or break the current
  3. Arching horns: It is made up of heavy materials like copper or tungsten, and it is mainly responsible to carry the arch current when the arching contact opens.

     Uses and Applications of ACB Electrical

  1. Power plants
  2. Motors
  3. Transformers
  4. Generators
  5. Capacitors


Types of Air Circuit Breakers

  • Plain ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) or Cross-Blast Air Circuit Breaker
  • Air Blast Circuit Breaker


  1. The working principle of ACB controllers is simple and easy
  2. LV power air circuit breaker are inexpensive
  3. High current ACBs have less chances of fire hazards
  4. The installation process is uncomplicated
  5. ACB switchgears are designed in such a way to make and break short circuit
  1. Since the duration of arc is smaller the service life of the contacts gets longer
  2. It requires less maintenance when compared to other circuit breakers.
  3. It has high electrical and mechanical operating life
  4. It is mostly used in low and high currents voltage applications.

As installation and maintenance of electrical power system is complex. There is need of low voltage switchgears in some or the other form to provide safety in normal and abnormal working circumstances; this is where choosing the right air circuit breaker comes into picture.

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