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Low voltage switchgear is a three-phase power distribution product designed to safely and reliable supply electricity at voltages up to 1000 volts and current up to 6000 amps. Typical switchgear is rated up to 635 volts with a continuous current primary rating up to 10000 amps for supplying power from parallel sources. Low voltage switchgear … Continue reading “Top 10 Low Voltage Switch-gear Products Essential for Industries”

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ABB brings you another scope of MCCB. These provide a proper casing for your MCCB that prevails style, unrivaled wellbeing, spacious link end, and easy installation. ABB’s MCCB are found throughout the nation along with the system of channel alliances; MCCBs are electrical insurance protectors who have a broad scope of utilization features under various … Continue readingBuy ABB MCCB Online at Eleczo

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What is Molded Case circuit breaker? Molded case circuit breaker is an electro mechanical device that is used to provide protection from over current, short circuit and electrical faults.They are applied in switch boards, plug-in units, panel boards and motors. It has been used as an alternative to fuse as it does not require replacement … Continue reading “Everything About Molded Case Circuit Breaker”

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What is MCB
Sep 2017
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What is MCB? Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is a small trip switch created to protect electrical appliances, equipments and human creatures from damage caused by overload and short circuit. When any fault occurs in the network, current exceeds the rated limit. This is how a miniature circuit breaker works; it detects the excess flow of current and immediately … Continue reading “What is MCB”

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