Top 10 Stylish Ceiling Fans in India

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List of Top 10 stylish ceiling fans in India


Similar electrical devices can direct air, bringing in coolness but it is hard to maintain an effective condition in the room with the changing climatic condition! Regardless of the country you live in or may face a raise or fall in the temperature, it is an unsophisticated situation observed by everyone, to cope up with the unpleasant fluctuating heat condition. Hence, buy fans online and fulfill your needs in a ease!

Coolness and air can be experienced by the use of fans. Nothing can substitute a fan, due to couple of reasons: It is controllable to the room temperature when fixed to a particular number, more energy efficient comparatively and more over a big saving on your electricity bill!

It is not just buying usual fans off line, it is something good to buy ceiling fans online as it reduces your precious hours invested in shopping and also helps in finding the best one. You can compare based on your priority and need with the other alternatives.

On an observation, the design of ceiling fan have come a long way from years! It is an ongoing process, on improvising the style, effect and look of the ceiling fan. It can be made better and better, not only based on the appearance but also on the basis of the features and technicality.

Here is the list of Top 10 stylish ceiling fans in India.

1. Havells Opus Premium LED Underlight Ceiling Fan




This trendy stylish ceiling fan with LED light leaves a highlight to the interior and decorates the house with the brightness, specially during the dark. It erases the usage for the bedlight and helps the user to enjoy the 2-in-one benefit. It is usually used as bedlight cum fan and can also provide minimal brightness and leaves a enjoyable atmosphere with the pleasant vibes of the shades and coolness. In addition, the remote control feature, enables the user to swing between the modulations of the air.

Product specification:

Brand: Havells
Models: Opus
No of Blades: 8
Input Power Wattage(w): 75w

2. Crompton Nebula Super Premium Ceiling Decorative Fan


Top branded Crompton brings us a Nebula model fan, one amongst top 10 stylish ceiling fans in India, with a attached lamp feature, providing a flourishing brightness to the house. This 4 blade antique brass finishing ceiling fan, gives a great look and makes a vintage to the elements and decor. The long lasting premium metal fan, is of high quality and productivity, giving no alternative for change or replacement!

Product specification:

Brand: Crompton
Model: Nepula
Colour: Antique Brass
Sweep: 1200mm (48″)
No of Blades: 4
Input Power Wattage(w): 72W

3. Orient Electric Subaris Solo Ceiling Fan


If your lean is towards the traditional outcome, then pick this traditional fan, which allows a simple design but is an updated version with the latest elements. The 5 blade Nickel finishing, brings the freshness which is not found in any standard builder grade fans. The fixed underlight, has a brightness just like an ordinary light would do!

Product specification:

Brand: Orient Electric
Model: Subaris Solo
Colour: Brushed Nickel
Sweep: 1300mm (52″)
No of Blades: 5
Input Power Wattage(w): 80W

4. Havells Veneto Premium LED Underlight Ceiling Fan


The descent Vaneto model of Havells looks inspired in a smaller space. The pure LED fan lightning glows up the room. It also goes well with the larger room if you have to lined up in a row. Remote is an add on, which provides flexibility in the use of requirements. The simple colour gives a lovely effect to the interiors, putting the rest apart.

Product specification:

Brand: Havells
Model: Veneto
Sweep: 1320mm (52″)
No of Blades: 4
Input Power Wattage(w): 60W

5. Crompton Titanis Super Premium Ceiling Fan


One of the popular amongst top 10 stylish ceiling fans in India, The modern take on Titanis model of Crompton Ceiling fan comes with the urban sleek! The optimum air flow of the contemporary style fan is a compliment to the modern decor. The unique shakes and blades and elegance does not leave any chance to choose another one!

Product specification:

Brand: Crompton
Model: Titanis
Colour: Vanilla
Sweep: 1200mm (48″)
No of Blades: 4
Input Power Wattage(w): 70w

6. Orient Electric Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan


For the contemporary home or a modern interior, a perfect simple and elegant fan is the above one! The simple 3 bladed fan finishing has a star look and leaves your house graceful for many years to come!

Product specification:

Brand: Orient Electric
Model: Aeroquite
Colour: Caramel Brown
Sweep: 1200mm (48″)
No of Blades: 3
Input Power Wattage(w): 62W

7. Standard Rockstar Kids Ceiling Fan


Rockstar model of Standared comes with the new style and colours making the kids happy! This multiple coloured 3 bladed fan, specially for children, when put up in their play room brings the joy on their face!

Product specification:

Brand: Standard
Model: Rockstar
Colour: Rainbow
Sweep: 200mm (48″)
No of Blades: 3
Input Power Wattage(w): 76W

8. Orient Electric Joan Ceiling Fan


The contrast focus of the fan is the best feature of beauty and decor. This plain combination of colours, with mix and match of good finishing element and top colour, brings a style and uniqueness!

Product Specifications:

Brand: Orient Electric
Model: Joan
Colour: Walnut
Sweep: 1200mm (48″)
No of Blades: 3
Input Power Wattage(w): 50W

9. Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan


one of the best selling amongst top 10 stylish ceiling fans in India, The dual colour stylish strategy of the fan brings your home dignity and charm. This metallic balck-gold is a updated version of classic ceiling fan and design. It virtually goes well with the modern decor when the bright lightning is included.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Orient Electric
Model: Wendy
Colour: Metallic Black-Gold
No of Blades: 3
Input Power Wattage(w): 70W

10. Crompton Senorita – Metallic Ceiling Fan


Its attractive trims and petal shaped blades is an attractive element to the ceiling fan. The single coloured fans leaves a pleasant vibe and great look making the vintage and decor bright. If you have love with the metals and its finishing, this would be the apt one for your choice.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Crompton
Model: Senorita
Colour: Neutral Violet
Sweep: 1200mm (48″)
No of Blades: 3
Input Power Wattage(w): 75W

There are many ceiling fan suppliers who provide technical advice and consultant. Online shopping helps you in comparing the best suitable one and eradicates the lengthy process of shopping outdoor. The assured and guaranteed products are tested and reliable. These long lasting products, keeps you away from the substitution of another one for years! It is one of the best platform for all electrical goods, providing good quality products at competitive prices and unique customer benefits is an add-on!

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