Top 8 Best Ceiling Fans In India – 2022

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There is no denying fact that ceiling fans are the most affordable cooling solution for people. So, it is obvious that you need to know more about ceiling fans so that you can get the best one for your home. Are you confused about how to choose the Best Ceiling Fans for your home? Then this is not surprising, choosing the right ceiling fan is not an easy task. It is because apart from the color and style, you need to consider several factors while choosing Ceiling Fans For your Home.

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans in India, there are a large number of reputed brands to help you to choose the one which suits your requirement the best. But before you deep dive into it, let’s talk about some striking features of some latest smart ceiling fans that will amaze you. For example, If you opt for the latest smart Ceiling Fans with a Remote, you will get several facilities like speed control, timer mode, LED speed indicators, and much more. Again you can opt for Ceiling Fans with Lights with the advantage of smart cooling relief.

Here is the list of best Ceiling Fans In India


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₹ 3099.00

Crompton Energion High-Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan

Crompton Energion hs ceiling fans are a popular choice among most people in India. The main reason is that it is powered by Activ BLDC technology which makes it more energy-efficient.

Ideal for home

220cmm - Air delivery

Ceiling mount fan

35W Power

5 Level Speed Settings

5 years Warranty

It is obvious that with Crompton ceiling fan you can save more than 50% on your electricity bill. This is a smart model with various smart technologies including Point Anywhere Remote, Multi-Pairing, Sleep-Timer Enabled, and Entelligent Memory Function and also available in three attractive colors black, gloss white, and toast brown. It is considered one of the entry-level models in the BLDC fan segment. Now let’s look at the specifications of the Crompton BLDC Ceiling Fan

Now let’s look at the specifications of the Crompton BLDC Ceiling Fan:
  • It is an energy-efficient or low energy consuming
  • It ensures monthly returns with its energy savings
  • It is powered by an Active BLDC motor which makes it power-consuming even in a wide voltage ranging from 90V-300V
  • It delivers superior performance
  • It is a high-speed ceiling fan
  • It is featured with the latest technologies.
  • It deals with a high power factor of 0.98
  • Energy –Efficient
  • 370 rmp
  • 0.98 power factor
  • 90 v to 300 v voltage range
  • Five-years warranty
  • Five-star rating
  • Single remote for multiple fans
  • Costl
  • Simple look
  • Low air delivery by 220 CMM

₹ 9983.00/- Each

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₹ 6758.00

Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton Silent Pro is designed in such a way so that you can get the best comfort with zero noise so that you can experience a quiet home.

Home and outdoor

240cmm - Air delivery

Activ BLDC tech

42W Power

4 Level Speed Settings

2 years Warranty

As the name suggests, Crompton Silent Pro offers two times more silence and superior comfort with high air delivery. It is one of the best ActivBLAD remote control ceiling fans with excluding color options including silk white, the most demanding one.

In addition, the fan comes with a remote function and other advanced functions and technologies including:

  • Superior comfort with 240 CMM air delivery
  • Energy-efficient
  • High power factor of 0.98
  • 2X More silent than conventional fans
  • Smartest working voltage range between 90 v-300 v
  • Point anywhere smart remote with RF Technology which can be operated from a different angle.
  • Multi pairing function
  •  The motor featured with additional safety features such as safety wires that prevent the fan from falling
  • It is featured with intelligent memory that will offer you comfort in the best possible way.
  • It has the fluidic seamless design of the blades
  • It is designed in such a way so that it works efficiently in those locations where voltage fluctuation occurred
  • Silent series fan
  • Operates on 42 W Bldc motor
  • Saves 50% electricity consumption
  • Better air delivery
  • Smart remote control with multi pairing technology
  • The service center is not available
  • Not dust resistant
  • Costly

₹ 3665.00/- Each

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Havells Andria High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan 1200 mm

If you are looking for a fantastic ceiling fan with high air delivery and functionalities without compromising the look, Havells Andria is the best option for you.

Home and outdoor

220cmm - Air delivery

Inverter Technology