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Jan 2018
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What is power contactor?

A power contactor is an electrical operated switch basically used with the intention to switch the power circuit.Unlike relays, power switches are designed to be directly be connected to high load current devices. Power Switch consists of two major parts namely the contacts and the coil. They are available in configuration such as single pole, two poles, three poles and four poles.  Unlike a circuit breaker a power contactor does not intend to interrupt the short circuit current and they are generally used in industrial plants, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals etc. They are highly dependable devices and if they are used appropriately they perform better in long run without any wear or tear of the machines.

Siemens Sicop 3TF Power Contactor 12 A, 3 Pole, 42 V AC, 1 NC, AC3 Duty Power Contactors

Power contacts – One product various applications

  1. Lighting control
  2. Electric motors
  3. Thermal evaporators
  4. Agriculture pumps
  5. Magnetic starter

What are the various rated voltage options available on electrical power contactor?

  • 24V AC
  • 42V AC
  • 110V AC
  • 230V AC
  • 415V AC

Specifications need to be considered before selecting a power contact?

  1. Wide operating band
  2. Comes with compact dimensions
  3. CSA approved CE marked
  4. Snap on installation
  5. Available in various frame sizes
  6. Available in various current ratings
  7. The load type
  8. Rated current


  1. Its compact in size
  2. Easy for inspection
  3. Easy for replacement of coils and contacts
  4. Has aesthetic appearance
  5. It is a space saving device
  6. Comes with excellent service life

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